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A big Car chase. Mark is trying to catch assassin but someone was wearing the assassin suit to trick mark.

Submitted: December 14, 2017

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Submitted: December 14, 2017






Jimmy: Thanks.

Mark: Next mission is to save Mathw right?.

Aaron: Ok sir we have ok sir we have to wait for tomorrow. Zaky: That day. Mark: Lets do this. everyone: ok sir.

Mark: Get in the car quick!. (drives to HQ building).( Zaky: outside the HQ building). Mark: i will spy

on him with my binoculars i will tell when he goes in the HQ building.

Jimmy: Copy that.

Mark: He is going in make a move!.

Jimmy: ok sir everyone make a move! now.Mark: he has mathw!.

Mark: he is getting,  mathw in the car, everyone get out of there hiding place. (everyone comes out

from there hiding places). mark: get in the car quick!. (everyone gets in the car). mark: reporting

chasing a red car base plate 3571, jbm kia car.

Aaron: wait i will send a picture of the car. (Aaron takes picture of the car). (Aaron sends a picture

of the car to police). police okay its this car. mark: yes we are chasing it right now.

 Mark: he is getting out from his car. (Mark Jimmy and Aaron Jack gets out from there car). Jimmy i

see him shoot him. (shooting). (shooting). (shooting). Mark: he is going there.

Zaky: Now i have lead you tomy trap, (laughs).

Mark: Whats so funny!?.

zaky: It was,nt any assassin, you think we can,t hack we hacked, your email, then we saw the

assassin eivdence so we change the plan, i was wearing the assassin suit and, you thought i was

the assassin.(dave laughs). zaky: beat the hack out of them you what iam saying hack get it.

(kicks). (punchs). (kicks). (punchs). (ground house kick). zaky: bye. mark: no more byes chase


Mark: he is getting away!. jimmy: lets use gps i throwed gps tacker on zaky, damnit they

disabled it.

Mark; Lets see where is mathw.

Mathw:  I'm here thanks for saving me guys.

Mark: Lets put these prisoners in there cells. (drives to police station) zaky: in the police station.

Aaron: he is there. mark: cheif.

Cheif: yes mark.

Mark: If introgat these prisoner then might lead us to, there base. cheif: ok show the picture of this

memebers. mark: ok. (mark shows cheif picture of zaky). this is zaky.

(mark shows the picture of dave).

Mark: this is dave. (mark shows the picture of john).

 Cheif: ok introgat those prisoners. (mark takes 3 prisoners to introgat area).

Zaky: In the introgat area. mark: do then have wifes. prisoners: yes. mark: do then have a base.

Prisoners: yes and its underground. mark: who killed mia. prisoners: zaky!. (mark locks door).

Mark: the guy we arrested was not the murder of ms mia. aron: ok sir go tell he is not the killer of

ms mia. I will go tell him.

Mark: Cheif!.

Cheif: yes?.

Mark: the killer of ms mia is zaky. Sir we need a plan we have to arrest zaky.

Cheif: ok.

Mark: cheif we need more eivdence. cheif come here our computer will help us find more


Aron: cheif the computer is being hacked!.

Cheif: what!.

Mark: how the hell we will find eivdence now zaky: that night.cheif its night everyone go to there


Everyone:ok cheif. (drives to home). kate hi honey you look tried sweet heart i was in la, ok i have

cooked chicken.

mark: where is she?

Kate: Oh graey, graey.

Graey: Hello dad.

Mark: Hi graey.

Graey: Dad i was in L.A. with mom.

mark: oh ok how was L.A.. 

To be continue in chapter 3

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