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Submitted: December 14, 2017

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Submitted: December 14, 2017



Is this love we're feeling?

And if it is ,

Is it worth believing ?

Do you think this love will always last?

Are our hearts made of steel,

and do our hands reveal the past?

Is it something I said ?

Was it something someone said ?

So many questions are crowding

and suffocating the space inside my head.

The power of disbelief

arises the wonder of an existing entity.

Every morning I look around .


but it seems you've found me.

As I lose track of time

on another drink of wine .

Waiting for the day

to fade into the night.

Oh I still love you.

Won't you believe me ?

Over the lies of this entity ?

Where the truth sleeps so silently.

Come lay in my bed .

Let the warmth from my hands

ressurect the plans

to memorize your body inch by inch .

Have you dreamed the same dream

as me?

To awake the truth from it's sleep ?

And does it force you to believe ?

The connection of you and me.

As our bodies cast our shadows

into an entity.

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