You're losing you

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Some times some people don't step on earth firmly and they feel shaky.

Submitted: December 15, 2017

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Submitted: December 15, 2017



Soul's mirrors and mind's 
study are the eyes,
and the verdict is clear, 
wild animals cave in the 
hollows of your mind, herds,
escorting your thoughts
and opening your eyes wide,
front window to a 
spacy mind's fantasies,  
and easy smiles drawn, 
as thorny roses pricking 
your fingers, you're hurt. 

Call it gathering of the herds,
or.... the others showed up.
Snakes spell words ?
One word one snake ?
One stabbing one wolf ?
Feels like jungle, go hunting, 
chase the wild with the risky,
personalize the unknown, 
then look for the stick.

Seems to feel like 
being in other places,
in their places ?
too small a world ?
meeting them everywhere,
always away from a home, 
in your home.

You're searching all the time
without looking for something,

you're here and there and 
your thoughts everywhere,
pages never turned,
a bit of each on a lot,
starting one and continuing another,
thoughts are powering you,
natural energizers, 
consuming yourself.
You're consumed unhappily,
sleeping seated and eating laid, 
waiting with the mornings for light.

Enjoy watching the horizon 
at the sea shores,
not the sky,
guess how big the world is,
don't wonder what's on 
it's other side, reporting 
leave of absence.
You always want to see
where your gaze can't reach.

Look at the mirror 
and see something. 
Where are you ? 
You seem to think, it's not worthy it.
But everything ?  Everybody ?
Who's remote, you or the others.
Where those you looked for are ? 
You are leaving us, 
if you could look at me and see my
concerns, would you stay with us.
It's not an end,
forests will keep making oxygen, 
the sun, light and the seas, rain's water.
Live, Alive.

© Copyright 2020 asalis. All rights reserved.

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