Be my "Friend"

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This is a personal narrative about how social media has affected my life and my relationships.

Submitted: December 15, 2017

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Submitted: December 15, 2017



Be my “Friend”

People have become camouflaged and monotonous beings posting things only for likes or follows. Everyone shouting  “Be my friend!” and “Like my post!” but when they are around their physical, real friends they don’t know how to talk or what to talk about. What have we gotten ourselves into? We have all become detached, impersonal human beings who have no real relationships in our life to fall back on.

When I first got social media I was stoked. I could finally connect with all my friends and be in the loop about trends. I was for sure that this would encourage friendships and even strengthen them. As I started to use social media I began to love it. I thought to myself  “Wow, this is great I can send my friends funny pictures/videos and vice versa!  I can also post virtually anything I want and people would like it. They actually liked it (me).”

The more I used social media the more I began to discover the deep, dark secrets that it had. I could see myself becoming more disconnected as I became more connected online. Online I was this hilarious girl who always sent the funniest videos and posted encouraging things. In real life I could barely carry on a conversation with my friends for more than 5 minutes before awkwardly walking away or pulling my phone out and showing one of my infamous videos.

I began to realize this change in my personality and I hated it. I missed my friends, yes, I still talked to them but I barely knew them anymore and they barely knew me. I would compliment them on their posts but I couldn't even compliment them face to face. I was no longer genuine. I had completely lost the meaning of the word. I was no longer genuinely happy because when you get down to it, no one actually liked ME, they liked the caricature that I had created. I would comment and post just to put myself out there for likes not to encourage anyone. I wanted the friendship I used to have with them, where they could confide in me and I in them. Where we would do life together and laugh. I had realized the insensitive monster that I had become. The insensitive monster that I had created. I had become an award-winning actress starring in my own movie, and I wasn’t prepared to break character yet, not when everyone liked the character.

I first discovered this when I would look at others around me with their friends and family. They were genuinely happy. They genuinely cared about the other person and I was honestly jealous. How could someone care so much about one person or people? This took a long time for me to overcome and it was only through the help of God that I began to realize how truly wonderful people are. Now I probably sound like some psychopath but if you really look in your life I guarantee you can see some of it too.

I had a goal, a goal to genuinely talk to my friends and get to know them. Discover things about them and how they affected my life. The more I began to do this the more I realized why, in fact, they were my friends in the first place. These people were awesome, and not the superficial kind of awesome. The kind of awesome that made me laugh on my worst days, made me feel like I was apart of something amazing - and I was. These people were strong individuals who deserved more than a fabricated relationship.

I am ashamed to even write this but this is true. This was true. I missed out on some of the most important relationships of my life. Social media has made everyone selfish. Only caring about your profile, your post, and your followers. Even then do you really care ABOUT your followers? Now this isn’t solely social media's fault. We are all selfish by nature but social media can be steroids for your selfishness. We must all be careful not to fall into this trap like I did. I beg of you not to fall into this trap.

My advice to you? Be a genuine person, and love others greatly and not yourselves. Post things on social media with the intent of building others up. Get to personally know the people you call friends. They will help you through high school, breakups, tough stuff and well, just life. The good and the bad they will always be there for you… if you let them in. It is not a bad thing to need people, to stand out in the monotony.




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