you against me

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Submitted: December 15, 2017

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Submitted: December 15, 2017




Dear friend;


Is it right to think differently than others in your life?

Living in the past is ridicules, abnormal, and disgusting. I do understand that there are certain beliefs or thinking that should be supported by everyone, as history is evidence to those beliefs. But is everyone supposed to follow such thinking even when faced with the evidence?


What if, I do not want to have a life full of hate and grief against something. I mean, okay it may have harmed certain things that are related to me, but what if my mind isn’t a thing stuck in the past and just wants to move on.


If this certain thing’s faith is to be evil, harm, Satan, and bad luck. With what power will I be able to change the faith of that thing. And who am I, among 7 billion people to take action to change such a thing? I am just a small obstacle, the only thing I am capable of doing is speaking. But who is there to hear? And who is there to be convinced?


I am faced with people who think my thinking is sinful and strange. It is also categorized dangerous, and outrages. But seriously? This is just my thinking, and it won’t change. You cannot judge me, and my future based on how I think differently than you. And yes, I may believe I am right, and you’re wrong, but that works vice versa.


So here I am, listening to everything you say, and nodding, like a soulless being. As if I am ghosted by your presence, and even more your thoughts. so, tell me, how do your words change the world? Does it make it feel better? Does it help us expand as humans, discover different species, cure cancer, and maybe explore the universe? If it does, maybe then, and only then, you may change my mind.


If your thoughts are going to keep me stranded in a blood pool, or a desert of dead beings. Then you will certainly only receive my farewells. I am not in the position to feed hate and regrets done by your hands. And I am not going to sit and agree with your unreasonable ideologies, that follow one tone.


If my belief is circled, by what you have said. And that I am obligated to follow the story behind your statements. Then I shall not, and never will, follow the structure of your thinking. For I am an individual and not another conscious of your thinking.



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