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jodi arias was sentenced to life in prison for killing boyfriend travis alexander in 2008 in a grisly murder. now, she has revealed details of her life in perryville women's prison in goodyear,
ariz., where she enjoys chicken dinners and watches tv daily.

Submitted: December 15, 2017

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Submitted: December 15, 2017




This is reaction paper that I wrote based on a history in which a woman kills her boyfriend. She stabs him many times and she tries to not be sentenced for the crime that she commits.

I watched the entire video of Jodi Arias who assumed that she killed her ex-boyfriend. After everything, I heard from news including her responses to the jury questions. I believe that she exhibits some personals and characteristics of the violent offender. The reason I mentioned that she was planning to murder Mr. Alexander because She stole the weapons of her grandparents 2 weeks before she went to commit the action or the crime, and she repeatedly stabbed the victim multiple times. After she stabbed him and shot him once, she left a voice message toward the victim’s cell phone for her to not be found one of a suspect in the action or the crime. In general, when it comes to crime offender the whole Jodi Arias scenes meets the criteria for an action to be considered for crime offender because She normally offended her ex-boyfriend by using forces upon him.  I also think she did that because she was physically abused by her environment in her childhood, and the situation of that relationship after she heard that the man was planning to break up with her which she was in love with himreally influenced her to commit such of that crime To understand the overlap between violent offending and violent victimization, I think they are two different crimes because the reasons that provoke both crimes are different. Violent offending crime is when you kill someone even when that person has not done anything wrong to you, or you, the offender decides or plan to murder the victim by using force. contrary to the crime victimization is the fact that someone else influences you and make you become cruel. I think abusing someone is one of the major reason that causes someone to be violent victimization. Jodi’s scene can be used for example.

the environment that your parents raise you is not a good is which means a place that they always murder people, or a zone where people consuming drugs, and people always robbing others then you will be subject to a criminal offender. Such things are considered to me as a Demographic characteristic associated criminal activity. Jodi Arias suffered from abuse from her parents. So, as I mentioned before, her childhood was not a good environment. Her scene can also be used as a good example common demographic characteristic associated with the criminal activity for specific populations (such as women as Jodi Arias).

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