Autobiography of A School

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This is the story of a school

Autobiography Of A School

Hello friends,

All of you must be wondering who am I? Ok, let me introduce myself….my name is Greenvalley High School, a residential co-educational school, born on 25th  January 1855 amidst the beautiful hills of Mussoorie,(now in the state of Uttarakhand), India. I am the brainchild of Mr.Christopher Jones and Mrs. Amelia Jones. In the preliminary stage, I started serving only a handful number of students. Today, I am a very famous and prestigious 162-year-old Educational Institution, taking care of 2000 students and 500 teaching and non-teaching staff. My motto is serve humanity, serve the country, gloriously”.

In the year 1850, Mr. and Mrs. Jones visited Mussoorie with their children for the purpose of enjoying their summer holidays. Mr. Jones was a very well established entrepreneur in Calcutta (now Kolkata), he was also associated with the governing body of a very well-known school located in the same city, where his wife served as a teacher. Mr. Christopher Jones and Mrs.Amelia Jones were associated with several social activities. One morning the couple visited the Church of Jesus and Mary to worship, and on their way back to the guest house they noticed that children of this particular area have to travel a long distance for attending schools, as there was no school in the close vicinity. Needless to say, the journey was very painful for the kids in those days.

The couple again visited the church the very next day, but this time not only for praying but for another purpose. Mr. and Mrs. Jones met Father Smith who was in charge of the magnificent church and placed their proposal of opening a school in this area, primarily under the management of the church. Father Smith was awestruck, and without even wasting a minute he agreed to the proposal. Setting up a school in the remote area of a hilly region was a quite an arduous job in those days, but the amalgamation of strong determination, immense hard work, and prayers with intense faith makes everything possible. Father Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Jones left no stone unturned to reach their target. After overcoming several hurdles, finally, I was founded.

In those days, I was not a co-educational school, I functioned as a girls’ school in the morning and in the afternoon I worked as a boys’ school. There were three buildings, one for the boys, one for the girls, and one for the principal, the vice principal, and residing teachers. Of course, there used to be a very big playground and a huge auditorium and a library. In the beginning, I was not a residential school for the students, but I provided accommodation only to few teachers and some non-teaching staff members. Gradually, I gained recognition and the number of students started increasing. The increment in the number of students called for an alteration in the strength of teaching and non-teaching staff, and in many more areas of work.

Within a very short period of time, I emerged as a well reputed residential school for boys and girls. I sheltered students from Indian as well as British origin, all students were treated alike, irrespective of their caste, creed, and color. All the students, teachers and other staff members lived harmoniously, co-operating with each other. Several days have passed, now my physical structure has changed enormously, but my motto still remains the same. Even today students, teaching, and non-teaching staff members are admitted and selected only on the basis of merit and caliber.

After the Independence of India, I was handed over to Father Smith, who later formed a separate governing body for management and smooth functioning of the school, but the church still remains an essential part of the school. At present, the school starts at 7:30 in the morning and closes at 2:30 in the afternoon, but the office remains open till 4 in the evening. Now I have a well equipped play section for toddlers, lush green sprawling playgrounds separate for junior and senior section, separate building and libraries for junior and senior sections , basketball ground, badminton court, swimming pool, modernised gym, yoga room, auditorium, green room adjacent to the auditorium, music room, separate rooms for eastern and western dance , room for practising drama ,laboratories, computer laboratory, canteen , book store, health room for regular health check up, separate studios for  those who are interested in painting, pottery,interior and fashion design. Now, the number of classrooms and staffrooms have also increased to a large extent.

As time passed by, I started growing in size, now I am a massive and magnificent structure standing tall amongst the hills. Here, the rules and regulations of the school regarding academics, discipline and in all fields are very stringent. Every year, students pass out with flying colors; and in future when they get together on the alumni party I see them as a successful and well-established person in several walks of life. The teachers not only emphasize on education but they also teach the children how to be a good human being in real terms of the word. Sports form an integral part of the curriculum. Several other extra curriculum activities like drama, art and craft, music, dance, pottery, and many more to count play significant roles in shaping up the overall personality of the students.

Students are encouraged to engage themselves in various types of social activities like, teaching the poor, providing first aid, medicines, food, clothing to the destitute, preservation of nature, spreading awareness about road safety, etc. As I said earlier, here the rules are very stern, all the residential students have to follow an austere schedule. Though the schedule proves out to be very agonizing for my children in the initial stage but it is extremely beneficial for shaping up their lives so that in future they emerge as good human beings and proper citizens of our country. In spite of all the strict norms teachers take care of the students like their own children, no student is deprived of their due share of tender care.

Change is a mandatory part of nature and time, but there are certain things which merely refuse to change. My appearance, structure, functions, and family have changed for the better with time, but there are certain noteworthy features which have not changed since years. Ever since I was founded my day begins with the ringing of the church bell and ends with the same, student-teacher relationship, the relationship of students with other staff members, students’ attempt to break the norms of the school as well as the boarding, etc. During vacation, I solemnly miss my children, their mischievous activities, the sounds of their laughter reverberate in my ears, staffroom gossips, tears of the students, teachers, other staff members leaving school and many more to name.

I truly acknowledge the fact that - my students form my heart and the teaching and non-teaching staff form my brain, together we make a huge and happy family. In spite of several diversities in all fields, we still maintain a matchless unity, which helps my flag to fly high with all might and pride. Conventionally, age takes away all colors from life, making one’s life grey and dull. Fortunately, by God’s grace, that’s not true in my life –everyday is greener than the previous one,  I am aging gracefully. Friends today my only prayer is... “God thank you for all the gifts of life but please add several more years to my life…. Coz I want to LIVE, LIVE, LIVE WITH GRANDEUR


























Submitted: December 16, 2017

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