Dear Diary, I lost it.

Table of Contents

Entry 1

Dear Diary, Today was the first day of school. My got me some special clothes to fit in. This is the first private school I’m going t... Read Chapter

Entry 2

Dear Diary, A cute boy with brown hair and brown eyes walked up to me and before he could say anything I said, “I know….I’m a fre... Read Chapter

Entry 3

Dear Diary, It’s school again but now it’s better since I know my boyfriend is always on my side and protecting me. But right now I... Read Chapter

Entry 4

Dear Diary, OMGoodness! Two highschool boys came and shot at everyone and even killed a teacher. It was Mrs. Smith. I guess I’ll have... Read Chapter

Entry 5

Dear Diary, Sorry that I haven’t written in a while. But I think now is an appropriate time. Towen broke up with me. He said after th... Read Chapter

Entry 6

Dear Diary, I lost it. I pushed him off the roof. After what he did to me…well, he deserved it. He’s in the hospital not quite dead... Read Chapter

The Last Entry

Dear Diary, Mission completed. They’re all gone. Every single one of them dead. You won’t be hearing from me for a while. Don’t w... Read Chapter

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