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This is a stranger who want to help you by giving you a piece of advice. If you are looking for a solution to every problem then this article will help you! Sometimes we feel like nothing is going right we feel bad, frustated, unmotivated, unhappy & cushed, it's like breaking apart situation. We feel like everything is out of control  BUT that is actually the best time to TRUST your Lord. He is planning the BEST for you.All you need is alot of believe. Once you believe in your Lord it's like someone is there who can carry all your griefs and turn them into happiness. Some problems can only be solved through your PATIENCE & BELIEVE. Just believe when things are falling apart they are actually falling into right pieces. In life everyone of us go through some tough time and thats the beginning of our success story . As said by so when ever you feel like nothing is working get excited that life is taking you to the edge and either you will learn to fly or your Creator will catch you and give you an amazing message so trust him fully!

All great stories begin with alot of displeasures and ends with beautiful messages. So, from now onwards get excited when ever in any problem. Tony Robbins has said"God Delays are not God's Denials." Trust is the basic ingredient in the reciepe of Happy & Successful life. Someone is there who is having better palnning for you. Famous saying."Life is what happens to you while you're planning on doing something else." 
Nothing can stop God's plan for your life. (Isaiah 14:27) 

Come to this thing everytime you feel low. You can call this a push or a painkiller at a time of pain. Thankyou so much for reading this. Tale care! Bub-Bye.

Submitted: December 16, 2017

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Misbah Lakhani

Need more of these. Thank you!

Sat, December 16th, 2017 5:21pm

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