My Love From Future

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Submitted: December 17, 2017

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Submitted: December 17, 2017



What is LOVE ? I asked this once when he was nowhere near me.Love is telling you how beautiful you are while looking deeply into your eyes. Love is making you feel like you are the only one that matters, because you are!

It was the time , when a new boy came to our class. He introduced himself as Aby. Within few days we were good friends. Now I have two best friends Aby and John. We were best of buddies, played all the time together and baseball was the sport that we enjoyed most. Doing catching,striking practice whole day.

“When you are out of luck, nothing goes right”. I thought that didn’t apply to me. Since I am more lucky than not.

Today I am on time to my Physics class. Today Mr. Newton, that’s what I call to my Physics teacher, is little bit late. Ohh he entered the class.

Mr. Newton : Do you know all , why I am little bit late today because you all have surprise test.

He laughed ……and his signature devil smile was there on his face.

Still I ‘m more lucky than not. I have good luck and institution. Thanks to that , my marks are not too shabby. I’m not exactly smart , but you couldn’t call me stupid.

But one student is sleeping during the test guess who ??

None other than Mr. Aby , it’s not like  he did not know anything its because he completed his test way too ahead of all of us. He is good in Physics that I know and because of him I am also becoming good in Physics. Finally test ended.

Now I have to put all these papers to Newton’s room. Ohh what a pain.

Books , research papers that all I can see in his room and one board some calculation and theorems were written. I saw on quote written in bold “Time waits for no one”.

There I find one room which is at the end of that big room. When I entered into it, all over tubes, beakers, chemicals it’s looking like his laboratory. I thought someone was there in that room.

When I about to leave that room, something fell it’ s looking some shiny ball. When I go there to pick it,I saw someone’s shadow in the one of the beaker and I fall and touched that shiny ball.

Next second I was in something that even I don’t know what was it. Looking like something people called time loop or whatever…After few seconds living in that time loop , I again fell down on the floor of Mr. Newton’s room.

What was happened just now ???

Did I do some time travelling???

Seriously I don’t know what was that ??

When I told this incident to my two buddies John and Aby , ohhh that Aby was laughing like hell.

Aby : You are such a stupid ….really my stomach hurts…

John : Aby , you are laughing way too hard. Ariana , do you want to have CT Scan from our hospital ??

Ensure everything is correct with your head…and they both started laughing…

Hey Hey….that ball didn’t fall on it’s own !!! Someone was there !!

Aby : Someone ??? Who ??

I think Aby, it’s you…but I am not sure

Aby : Why would I knock you over there ??

I don’t know who was there ….

Leave it , I am going to my aunt’s place.

Bye Aby…

Aby : Hey , you are leaving me behind with this guy…that’s not fair..

I started my bicycle , now I am in that slant road which I hated most and at the end of that road railway crossing was there . I just missed to hit one woman with the kid.

Woman : Hey you ….are you blind or what ?? Do you  have eyes or button

If today …..If today were a normal day , there wouldn’t have been any problems.

But… I’d forgotten that today was an extremely unlucky day. Brakes of my  bicycle is gone…it’ s got failed..

Ohhhh….I hit the crossing and now I was in the air…It’s crazy …but I’m going to die.

This is it.If I had known , I would have gotten up earlier. I wouldn’t have slept in..Wouldn’t have been late and today was supposed to be NICE day..

Train hit……But I don’t know something happened , in the next second I hit that woman whom I missed few minutes back

Woman : Hey you ….are you blind or what ?? Do you  have eyes or button

Ohhh…When I saw my watch time was 10 minutes before…How ???

Did I do time travelling again ??

Now I know , I can do time leap. But not sure how to do it.

So to learn how to do this time leap, I went to park and jump from somewhat high point to the nearby pond …Ohhh to my surprise I just did once more time leap..

Now this time I was at my house two days back. To confirm this process ,I did this 3 times.

Now I can come and go as I please. I can sleep all I want in the morning, I don’t have to go back when I forget something..Ohh, if I miss a TV show , I can go back and see it again.

Time leaping is best! I just can’t quit.Everyday is so much fun ! I can’t stop laughing !

One day , when we all three were leaving, one of the girl from different department stopped Aby to talk.

John and I move leaving Aby behind with that girl. After sometime he joined us.

John : What was that girl is asking ?

Aby : Nothing much , she was asking whether Ariana and I are dating …

What did you told , I asked .

Aby : I told we are not dating. Then she asked whether we can go out..

John : What did you replied ?

Aby : Nothing..I told..I don’t think much about it… if I want to go I will go with Ariana..

John : Ohhh should have accept her proposal.

Aby : Nevermind..Lets go home, where is your bicycle ,Ariana

Me : I have given for repair.

Aby : If you want ,I will give you ride  till your home

Sure Aby, so kind of you.

Me sitting behind on his scooter : Are you really not interested in her.

Aby : When I say no , I really mean it.

I don’t know why but I really felt relieved.I really want we should be together forever , you scold me, compliment me and make fun of fun me.

Aby : Ariana ! want to go out with me ?? just you and me.

After that a sudden silence was there ….

Stop the scooter for a second, I told.

What just you asked ??

Aby : To go out with me !!

Where did this come from ??

Aby : I don’t know, it just came in my mind.

When he was looking in front , I just got up from scooter and did my time leap as I was not ready for it.

Reach to the position where he was offering me ride. I thanked him and did not took the ride.

Next day I went to my Aunt to discuss this as she is the only who understands me and she knew that I can do time leap.

Aunt : I think you should go out with Aby , if it did not worked you have the option to have time leap.

Me : No , Nooo

Aunt : It’s also possible to fall in love after you have been confessed to.ohh poor Aby..he workd so hard to tell you how he felt.

After that I just somewhat hide from him, in the class, in the playground, canteen almost everywhere. But he keeps searching me, I was not feeling good in doing this but I don’t know what to do.

So again I went to my aunt and told her about all this.

Aunt : Is it too cruel for you ? Playing with feelings of others. Have you ever noticed , Aby replied to all your messages in just a fraction after you sent and you what you do in return….

I don’t think that he is always free to reply all your messages, but for him You are special. He always tried to make you feel special. Don’t you think so ??

Atleast give him one chance…

Hey Ariana what is that on your hand some number…

Where Aunt….ohhh I don’t know but its changing.Last day it was 90 and today it is 80.

Again I am going for time leap to see who was that person that I saw when first I had my time travelling in the Newton’s room.

I was waiting in the Newton’s room to find that person. Did I came early ??

After some time I got message in my mobile that John was taking his friend to hospital on my bicycle.

I thought it’s ok, but after sometime I realized that today was the day only when the brakes of my bicycle was not working and John was also going to take that steep road that I got took and about to die.

No way…he is gone, he left for the hospital…I was calling but he was not picking up….

What should I do ??? Should I go back in time but nothing has happened till now..

I was running madly to that steep road….I reached that road but everything there was normal…

Is there any accident happened, I asked some person over there. She replied, I don’t think so any accident happened here. I felt relieved.

After few seconds, my phone rang, it was Aby. Where are you, he asked .

I told I was just outside come back soon.

Aby : Anything happened ??

Ok choose one colour and one finger

Me : What ? But why ?

Aby : Just choose , I will tell you later ..

Me : Ok, I choose green colour and my pinky finger

Aby : Cool ,One question ??

Me : What ??

Aby : can you do time leap ??

Sudden silence…

Then I thought of  doing time leap, to  stay away from this question and I did time leap..

Now I was again in the call  with Aby , but this time somehow I changed the topic and not let him to ask that question.

When I saw my hand , the number is changed to 00 which first time was 90.Is that the number indicates the number of times I could time leap.

Ohh I wasted my last time leap with something stupid.

Anyway John is fine and Aby didn’t know my secret also.

After few seconds, I heard my name, it was John who was calling me from my bicycle.

Ohh I did time leap few seconds back, John was passing me  on that steep road.

John : Let me borrow your bicycle little more.

Wait , wait John I was calling and running behind him….

After running few meters I fall and saw him hitting the crossing and about to hit by the train.

I was screaming stop, stop somebody stop the time and closed my eyes.

But to my surprise, when I opened my eyes, really time has stopped. I was few minutes before in the time. Everyone was stopped.

Ohh really it’s you , somebody told from behind.

Aby ? What are you doing here ?

Where is John ?

Aby : He is safe.

Me : Did you do this ?? You can leap ? You too ??

Aby : If I told you that I come from future  , Would you laugh ??

Aby : In my era , they have developed a device which lets you go freely back and forth in time.That thing is that shiny ball which you saw in Physic’s teacher’s room. You use it to charge your body. I used this thing to travel to this time.

But then, I managed to lose it somewhere. I look all around and finally found it in Physic’s teacher’s lab.

But It was all used up. But I’m glad that an idiot got its charge. I was up every night worrying about someone using it for bad things.

Me : Why ?

Aby : Because….

Me : Because ?

Aby : Because I need some peace.

Me : Peace ?

Aby : Yaa !! In my era , there is a war going on everywhere….Have you heard of World War ??

Me : I have read about it..

Aby : Yaa …Same like World War…a war is going on in my era…

Nowhere peace…everywhere that annoying sound of guns,tanks,fighter planes…everywhere deadpeople……

I just can’t bear that…

So to get some peace I come to your era…To see one painting…

No matter how far away it was…No matter where it was….No matter how dangerous it would be…

I wanted to see it…In my era , it was already destroyed in a fire..

The only confirmed record of its existence was in this time, this place and this season

Me : You just want…to see it ?

Aby : Yaa , I wanted to remember it for all my life.

But…There is no point anymore. None at all

Me : You can’t go back anymore ??

Hey, what do you mean ?

Aby : Like I said , I can’t go back to my era.

Me : Why ?

Aby : To save John,I used up all my charge…now it 00

Aby told by showing his hand

Me : What wii you do ?

Aby : There is nothing I can do

Me : Why did you use it ?? Shouldn’t it have been saved for the right time ?

Aby : It was the right time..You don’t remember but John died once at that crossing. A certain someone was crying with guilt , so I had no choice..

I had to back, but before I noticed , it was summer.

Being with you….was too much fun..

It was the first time I ever saw a running river on the surface as there are no rivers in my era, no water…

It was the first time I ever rode a scooter…

It was the first time that I ever knew how vast the sky was…

It was the first time I had seen so many people in one place..

Me : Say Aby …Is there any connection between that painting and you..

Aby is moving around that stopped crowd..and talking..

Aby : Where are you looking …you stupid…I ‘m here

Aby : I like this era because you are here….

Me : Tell me about the painting…

Aby : That painting is same like you, a woman painting

I like things in you that is same with that painting..

I like 5 things about you…no 4 still one I am finding in you…..

I like your eyes…same that woman in painting has..these eyes….

I like your smile….same as of that painting…that smile always makes my day…

I like your attitude....way of talking…

And most of all I like your stupid things that you do…

I will never get tired of looking at you….

I am mad .I am mad because I think you are special..

I like you more than anything…

I really love you…Have you heard it Miss Ariana…

Me : Yes..

Aby : I know love is just a shout in the void  and one day all our labor will go into dust and I know that Sun will shallow the only Earth we have…..But still I love you…

And it would be privileged to have my heart broken by you….

Aby was talking…I was listening and I really felt special..

Me : If you wait for few days….we can go to see the painting which you wanted to see

Aby : I can’t…Because I’m going to disappear tomorrow..

Me : Why ?? searching for him in that stopped crowd..

Aby : People in the past should not know about time leap…I have violated that rule…So I won’t be seeing you again..

Me : I will keep quiet ! I will not tell anyone.

Aby : I will tell you one thing, I am not a mathematician but I know one thing that there are infinite numbers between 0 and 1 and there is bigger infinity between 0 and 2.

So infinties are bigger than other infinites. I am thankful for our little infinity that you gave me..

Me : I won’t tell anyone , Please don’t go…

Aby ??? Where are you ?? I was searching for him in that stopped crowd….

You told , you wanted go out with me…

Aby : Yes , I love to …but sorry…Really sorry..I would love to see your open hair..your eyes ,your smile again…But sorry ..Really Sorry

Me : Idot !!! Idot !!!

Then he raised his hand from far…waiving his hand to say good bye…

Aby , do not go please !!!

After few seconds, crowd is moving….

I was running searching for him…Aby !!!

But he was no more there, he had gone. He left me behind….

Next day, I was at college, everybody was discussing Aby left the college…..

I was not able to concentrate…only thinking about him only..

In the canteen , John and I were sitting..

John : What’s going on…

Forget me…He didn’t even let you know ??

Even though he liked you…

Me : Did he say that ?

John : It was plain to see. You didn’t notice ?

Well, you have never been good with that stuff. Maybe that is why he didn’t tell you.

Me :  John !!! I am an awful person.

Someone told something important….but I undid it.

Why didn’t I listen properly ?

John : What are you talking about ?

I ran from there to the roof of the college and started crying…my tears were not stopping…

After the college, I went to my Aunt.

Aunt : Calmed down ..I thought you would be friend with Aby and graduate without dating him

And then end up dating someone totally different.

Me : That is what I thought until yesterday.

Aunt : But it is not like that, is it ?

Sudden silence…After talking with her I went to my home. Lying on the bed..watching the roof, thinking..

What is love ?

There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.

Then I noticed my hand…

To my surprise , that number is changed from 00 to 01….But how ?? Could it be…

I was running from my house to the street thinking ,

It happened because Aby went back in time !! Then it should also apply to him !

Then I did my jump and now I was in time loop….and reached when I first find that shiny ball in the Newton’s lab. I kept that ball in my pocket and went to search Aby..

John !! Where is Aby , I asked.

John : He is in playground , waiting for go, I will come after sometime.

I was running towards the playground to see Aby……

When I saw him again I was so relieved as some about to die got his life back..

I just showed that shiny ball and handed him…

Aby : Where did you find it ? No…Do you know what is it ?

Me : I do

Aby : Who told you ?

Me : You did !!

Aby : I didn’t ..I couldn’t have

Me : You told me everything. About the era you live in. About this shiny ball.

I checked his hand, ohhh to my relieve he still got one time leap left, that means he can go back

in his time.

Me : Can I ask you few questions ?

Aby :  Sure…that I always wanted from you

Me : Have I ever crossed your mind ?

Aby : No !!

Me : Do you like me ??

Aby : No !!

Me : Do you want me ?

Aby : No !!

Me : Would you cry , if I left ?

Aby : No way..

I really felt bad….and I about to leave… walking…I noticed that someone came to me and hugged me , it was Aby…

Aby : The reason you never crossed my mind because you are always in my mind.

The reason why I don’t like you is because I love you.

The reason why I don’t want you is because I need you.

The reason why I wouldn’t cry if you left because I will die if you left….

Me : Awww !!!

Me : The painting .. you can it back in the future. It won’t disappear or burn up. It will still be there in your era. I will make sure of it.

Aby : I am counting you. Now I have to go back…..Give my regards and say I am sorry I did not do it myself.

He hugged me and whisper in my ear “I will be waiting for you in future”.

Me : I will be right there .I will run there.

He was waiving his hand and did his time leap to his era……

This time instead of tears, I have smile on my face..

I think this is only LOVE in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.


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