Detective David-The Case Of sealed Room Murder

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Submitted: December 17, 2017

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Submitted: December 17, 2017



David is the son of John,the famous detective of the city and Mary,famous lawyer. John and Mary were investigating about international criminal Jargo. They found out his hideout and much evidence against him. But before they showed them to F.B.I. they were murdered on Friday ‘The 13th’. David was 10 year old at that time and saw the killers from back, he only saw a bald man with a skull tattoo on his left hand wearing black jacket with dragon on it.

From that very day he is searching for that bald man. Now David is 18 year old tall, strong, clever detective. He is also an engineering student. Like father like son, police always ask for his help in the cases.

Inspector Tedd got the call that famous industrialist Mr.Woods found dead in his room which was locked from inside. David after hearing the news of Woods’ death reached Woods Mansion where he finds Woods lying in pool of blood on the floor and inspector Tedd standing confused.

So David what do you think ‘Is this is a murder or suicide’ asked Tedd.

David: Lets see. What do you think?

Tedd: I think this is suicide as he is nearly bankrupt and most of all he was sitting in perfectly sealed room no entry except the door which was locked with one key in his pocket and other with his wife Mrs. Woods.

David: What do you find inspector from crime scene?

Tedd: Nothing just a key from Mr.Woods’ pocket and the gun from his hand.

David started investigating Mr. Woods body and shouted ‘This is the pure blooded murder. Look inspector his hands, there is no sign of gun powder in his hand. Whenever a person shots so closely there must be gun powder smell or sign on his hand.’

Inspector Tedd asked ‘how ? the room was locked’.

David : So Mrs. Woods where were you during murder of your hubby?

Mrs.Woods: I am attending a kitty party in the neighbourhood all the time. I came home when maid Linda called me that Mr. Woods is not opening his room. When we opened the door we found him dead.

David : Ms. Linda why were you go to Mr.Woods’ room?

Linda : Mr.Woods told me to gave him coffee at 8. When I knocked he was not answering so first I called Mr.Woods’ son Tom then Mrs. Woods.

David: So Tom what were you at that time?

Tom :I am chatting with my friends?

So David what do you think who is murderer among three asked Inspector Tedd.

All three are suspects. Lets go to their neighbour Mrs. Hayden to decrease one number from suspects list.

Tedd : Hello Mrs. Hayden we are here to investigate about Mr. Woods murder case. Can you tell me that Mrs. Woods is all the here during the party.

Mrs. Hayden: No inspector, she went her house around 7:30 PM and comes back after 15-20 minutes. She told us that she was going take her purse which she forgot.

Tedd: So David, I think 15-20 minutes is enough for murder.

David: Give me the address of maid Linda and kindly told me the timing of murder.

David went his home and hacked Tom’s email . He found that he was chatting with his friends from 7-8 PM. After that David go to Linda’s house in her absence where he found something that he never thought. Inspector called him and told the time of murder.

David: Inspector Tedd, meet me at the Woods Mansion I think I have cracked the mystery of sealed room.

All the suspects gathered with David and Inspector Tedd at the crime scene.

David: First I will show you all how this murder is done.The murderer used three things- first the gun, key and fishing rod thread. After killing Mr.Wood, the murderer locked the door from outside and tied one end of the thread with the key and other on her hand. When the murder pull the string from her hand the key slided under the door and reached to Mr.Woods’ pocket and after that thread broke and murderer collects it. There are two suspects one Mrs. Woods and Ms. Linda,but when Inspector Tedd told me the time of murder I get the murderer.

And the Murderer is………. you, Miss Linda. The time of murder is 7 PM at that Tom was chatting with his friends and Mrs.Woods enjoying her party and one who left is you Ms. Linda. Now you ask for the proof, during searching of your house I found that fishing rod thread and gloves which you wore during murder and I think our forensic experts will able yo find your finger prints on these gloves.

Tedd : Why she murdered Mr. Woods?

David : Because she is the daughter of Mr.Woods.

Linda :Yes,yes I killed that bloody man.He just ran away when he found that my mother was pregnant. Due to him only my mom died he made her life hell. People calling her with bad names. So I killed him and I have no regret for this.

So David solved this sealed room murder case but he is on the mission of ‘Kill Jargo’.


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