Too Many

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Getting the right Manny.

Submitted: December 17, 2017

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Submitted: December 17, 2017



I was so excited to move into my new place. Everything was going well for the first couple of weeks until I had a problem with my plumbing. All my neighbors had told me that the maintenance crew here  is very reliable if you have any problems. All that you would have to do is call them up, and most likely they'll be right out. That was a good feeling to me. After a couple of weeks, I started to have some plumbing issues with the toliet and sink so I called the maintenance number they had given me a couple of days ago. I keep it on my refrigerator door just in case and I told the receptionist my issue, and she said that she was going to send a gentleman by the name of Manny. Well she gave me the time he was going to show up and he showed up exactly on time and he came in and he was a very nice spanish gentleman and he fixed both my toliet and my sink. I was so happy that I thought it was the end of that. He left and about four hours later, the same issues with my plumbing, both the toliet and sink, reoccured. I was very upset. I had thought it was taken care of, not a brief temporarily soultion, so I called up maintenance again, and the receptionist answered but it wasnt the same receptionist, it was a different one and I had told her that Manny just a little bit ago just came to my apartment to fix my plumbing and now the problem is there again. I would like to speak to Manny. Then she asked me, "Which Manny would you like to speak to?" and I said to her that, "He said his name was just Manny. Why can't I just speak to Manny?" and she replied to me, "we have two Mannys and I said how many Mannys do you have?" She said "Two Mannys." Then I replied," What is that suppose to mean?" and then she said "Too many." I felt like I was getting no where and I was getting upset with the lady. I told her "I should have never moved into the place and that you guys should never hire anyone by the name of Manny again" and she said "I'm sorry sir but I'm just a receptionist." Then I said "What's a maintenance company doing hiring a lot of Mannys?" 

The End.

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