In My Mental

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Submitted: December 17, 2017

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Submitted: December 17, 2017



Constantly making me feel like outta 100 your 80 and Im the other 20 percent

Always trying to prevent

Another pointless argument 

Because your words harden in my head like cement.

The weight of loving you breaks down my mental

Cause your love is not gentle

Blame it on your temper like its accidental

Your impact is monumental

But nothing about you is sentamental

Locked away,

Ocean spray,

Make me feel lost like I'm a stray

Can't ever meet me halfway

Your words circle in my head, fucking go away,

Don't think I could scream that loud enough for it to really work

Can't turn back the clock work,

Rip me up and sew me back together with jagged needlework

Accept that I love you

But your not my lucky horse shoe

Can never see things from my point of view

Supposed to be empathetic about all that I've been through

History repeats it's self here's the deja vu

Open your hands to hold me but then you let me fall right through

Lets call you Mr. Unwell

Always with some story to tell

You have enough excuses to fill a hotel

You know all the right buttons to push to raise my inner hell,

Make my head spin like a carousel








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