War & Peace: Mars Volume II of III 1963 - 2049

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Hitler, Trump, Hope

Heinrich marries Donna Dearborne, daughter of General Dearborne, becoming a military industrialist in the Cold War spy satellite business. A crazed KGB assassin kills Donna in 1962, leaving only
Heinrich’s first-born son alive. Douglas von Onsager is killed in the 9/11 terror attack after building up a multi-billion-dollar trading firm. Once again alone, Heinrich rebuilds his son’s trading
firm with the help of lead attorney Jana Friedman. Profits go into building a lunar mining facility spearheaded by chief scientist Charlie Moss. The romance of Charlie and Jana is pit against a
devolving, post Trump world. One-hundred-seven years old, Lise discovers Heinrich barely alive in 2023. After his body is cryopreserved in 2025, Lise takes the reins of power while thriving on
first generation youth cocktails. Convinced humanity’s survival depends on colonizing Mars, she funds a Mars mission crewed by two neuro-enhanced men paired to two neuro-enhanced women through the
world’s most powerful artificial intelligence, Darwin.

Table of Contents

PART ONE: Awakening

Submitted: December 17, 2017

CHAPTER ONE: Dyson Sphere Joseph Molotov opened the door of his small government house with a great tug. It had frozen shut. “W... Read Chapter


Submitted: December 17, 2017

CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE: Artists Charlie and Jana, the two most dynamic characters in Heinrich’s life, never crossed paths in 2005 or 2... Read Chapter

PART THREE: Mars 2050

Submitted: December 17, 2017

CHAPTER FIFTY: Astrid Dynamics It was 2049. Humans would walk on Mars by 2050. Peering into Astrid’s visual cortex, the artific... Read Chapter

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