So what you say?

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Submitted: December 18, 2017

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Submitted: December 18, 2017




Can I talk to you, oh my first to the last?

My heart is sore; it’s stuck in past!

It aches when the curtains are drawn aside

Unearthing the memories I want to hide!


Can I walk with you, my love my soul mate?

My feet are numbed since the day you closed the gate!

Oh you are here and I have my entirety back in my hands

My fist holds colors; no one knows nor understands!


Can I rain with you, my world my dear?

My tears are hot and full of fear!

Eyelashes tickle and I am inept to check

I long for your touch I yearn for your velvety peck!


Can I kiss your honeyed lips, my bliss my shade?

I wonder why we are not for each other made!

I hear you whisper and we’re so near so close

You get buried in my hair and my heartbeat slows!


Can I sing with you, my dove my nightingale?

My soul’s got disoriented, my cheeks are pale!

Just sing; tender your lap and I rest my face

It’s for me the only peaceful and serenest place!


Can I write with you, my reflection my Muse?

Oh please come for this calling, do not refuse!

Single blot that you leave on the page

Prompts the birds in my body get out of the cage!


Can I dance with you, my equal my lone?

Oh yes I do love you my Heart of Stone!

You’ve got that hand I want to hold

I’ll breathe my last, why your heart’s too cold?


Can I pass this night with you, my light my Little Sky?

This world is black; please take me to the one so high!

Your gentle fingertips on my eyes and the ache will shortly be wiped out

‘Make me yours I make you mine’, that’s all what the poem was about!

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