The Birds Glide

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Poverty isn't the most common thing in Arches Raw but that only makes people more blind.

A small and frail family of children live here; they have no adults to care for them. They live because they have a fourteen year old mute and a fifteen year old thief protecting them from life.
With nothing else in their lives they follow this thief named Crow.

Crow hasn't had the best in life either and isn't just doing this for no reason. At fifteen he knows about the world. At fifteen he knows the harsh reality that is all around them. At fifteen he
only has one more year to live freely before he will be forced to work and marry a rich girl. On doing so he will abandon his follows and his little sister.

He has no choice.

It is the law.

Crow and Mia - the mute - do their best in helping these children with little to no help. But what can Crow do when he knows that soon the children won't even have a father figure in their life and
a muted mother to live with?

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Submitted: December 18, 2017

The market was busy as usual as the loud sounds of chatter and the latest deals flowed all around them. Them being a hoard of young boy... Read Chapter

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