The Russian Brothers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

During the Great War, Russia declared war on Austro-Hungarian Empire to contribute Serbia by Alliance. Soon after the war started Germany invaded Russia and start attacking them. Russia was trying
to attack Tannenberg but it failed miserably, many lives lost and some retreat, missing, killed or captured. By 1916 the Great General Bursilov, he made a plan since Germany is attacking France, so
he tends to push forward with the train but it won’t work because of the poor factories and railways which is impossible to move the infantry to Germany. But they made it anyway but by that time,
The Germans arrived but they were able to hold it off. It was a successful plan but they didn’t have much supplies because of the train being destroyed and some supplies are in there.

At 1917, Russia already surrender but it was not just like that. A man name Vladimir Lenin wanted to declare communism in Russia because of the destruction, lowing food supplies and corruption by
the Russian Tsar(Emperor) Nicholas II. The government didn’t really appreciate Lenin’s request, so when Lenin wrote his speech, some people agreed with him but the others don’t. By 1919 Vladimir
Lenin and Joseph Stalin formed “The Red Army” they’re going to take over Russia by any means and the government will be forming the anti-communism “The White Army”. The Red Army, now lead by Stalin
will attack Tsarin, the Capital of Russia and they’re going to take it by force. But before the Civil Started there were twins, old enough to join the army.

Nikolai and Dimitri, they had big ambitions to join the army but Nikolai  wanted to join the Red Army and Dimitri was forced to join the White Army by his father. They promised not to shoot each other, but it’s going to be difficult since their twins and they might be in a different division or uniform. 


Now the fight started, as Nikolai sees his comrades charging to the Tsarin and the white army are starting to hold themselves down and defend their place. Nikolai charge in with his comrades and waving the Red Army Flag. They are fierce and fearless, but not just that. People are killed or some missing or even from starvation and diseases.


Dimitri had a different job, he was assigned to scout out for enemies and he would give them signal by flare. He worries about his brother Nikolai, he might be in the fields fighting the white army. Otherwise he made other plans, he decided to go to the fields and leave his position to find his brother Nikolai.

Dimitri taking cover from enemy fire and waiting for the moment to strike, He heard a whistle from the officer as the army charges, he would charge as well.


Nikolai charges in and fighting the white army, he saw thousands of soldiers fighting and dying for communism. They would keep fighting until they surrender. Nikolai saw his brother, he was worried about him being killed in the battle because they both made a promise to not kill each other. 


Dimitri also saw Nikolai, he remembered the promise they made and kept it. But he saw got shot, and Dimitri started fighting his comrade and the red army pulled Nikolai away from the battle to heal his wounds. Dimitri was satisfied but he got knocked out by the soldier who was beaten by him. 


Nikolai was shot in the leg, his first experience being shot at the leg was 

Horrifying, he sees the blood coming out of his leg, he can’t believe what he saw. The Medics are doing their best to heal his leg. It took 50 stitches one in the inside and other one be at the outside. It was also wrap with bandage. 


The following months of his recovery, he noticed that the Red Army took over the church in Tsarin. However they were restless and the white army are preparing themselves to attack. While the Red Army are losing causalities from battle, starvation and diseases, they still have to keep their ground up and hold them until reinforcements arrive. 


The whistle blows and the enemy charges, while the Red Army maintaining their positions and waiting for more reinforcements. Nikolai was not so sure to join the fight for the search of his brother Dimitri, While the battle is still going on, Dimitri is in prison. He’s now a war criminal to the white army, he’s already furious that he’s in prison and not in the battle were Nikolai is right now.


Nikolai was worried about Dimitri, so far he didn’t see any sign of him. He waited almost a year for him to come out. Reinforcements have arrived and the Red Army are pushing the white army. By the time we’re the white are lowing on supplies, they have to release all the prisoners and let them run free but Dimitri was executed by the general, he was headshot in the prison cell for disobeying his orders and attacking one of his comrades. This day we’re the white surrender to the Red Army, Nikolai and the others are carrying the dead bodies but he decided to look for Dimitri. 


Nikolai almost gave up on looking for him, he thought that he already escaped. At the prison cells he was searching for him not until he saw blood splatter on the wall. It was his Dimitri, Nikolai was in deep sorrow and tears are falling in his eyes and heartbroken cause of the death of his brother. He would carry the body all the way to his home, he told his mother about Dimitri, she was in pain seeing that his son died. Nikolai buried his brother at their background and the Red Army we’re celebrating with Vodka and Women. While Nikolai is sorrowed with tears and he won’t forget the day we’re his brother was killed. 


By 1921 The Red Army won and took over Tsarin and renamed to Stalingrad to honor Jospeh Stalin. Russia is now hands with the communist leader Stalin, During a two year battle, so many soldiers die from battle but not just that. They also die from diseases, starvation and killed, hundreds of thousands soldiers die every day just for the capital in Russia but these result in other families. Today we know the veterans who died or survived the battle shall be called the “Lost Generations”.

Submitted: December 18, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Bellyburger. All rights reserved.

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