My Contented Christmas

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Remember that one Christmas that sticks in my mind above all the others.

Submitted: December 18, 2017

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Submitted: December 18, 2017



I grew up in Elkhart, Indiana, and it was in middle 1950’s. I was maybe ten or eleven years old.  My buddies, Don, Francis and I had run all over town going to the toy lands in the department stores.  At the end of the day, we ended up in the City Street Department.  It was gray, overcast day, and we had no snow.  We played on the mountains of sand and gravel, sliding down each hill on our bellies like we were sledding or jumping from the top to see who could land the farthest.  Finally, Francis left for home, and then Don had to go.  I lay on my back after one last jump looking up into the sky and listening to the music from the Wilt’s Grocery store across the street playing carols.  It was turning dark, and the cold began to invade my clothing, but somehow I knew I’d never forget that moment. 

The next day, on Christmas morning before daylight Don pounded on my door.  He and his dad were out delivering newspapers.  We didn’t take the South Bend Tribune, but he came in anyway and played with me with my new toy truck with logs.  Finally, his dad, who had been waiting in the car, came to the door to fetch Don to finish the paper route so they could go home to their Christmas. 

Maybe that was my best Christmas!  The contentment I experienced lying in the cool, wet gravel; the cold walk home; and finally my friend stopping over to play with me on Christmas morning.  My mother commented to me after Don left, how she marveled that my friend seemed to be completely satisfied to play on our living room floor rather than to be at home with his family.  I think it made her happy to see us happy. 

When I think back to that morning when Don stopped over, I see in my mind’s eye, me with my pajamas on, and Don still wearing his coat as we played, in the warm glow of the incandescent lights with the Christmas tree in the corner my sister, Mary, had rescued from the school after they had thrown it away.  Yeah, my contented Christmas had to be my best Christmas.


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