The Negress

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A young slave has been sold away from her family, and has to adapt to life on a new plantation. She now has to submit to a new master, and live apart from her family. She knows that she will no
longer be a pure Negress because her new master has intentions for her. In order to avoid a whipping the young Negress has to grow up in a matter of a few hours. Her name is Ketsia.

Submitted: December 18, 2017

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Submitted: December 18, 2017




The Negress

Elyon M. Wells

She opens the wooden door, it’s surface white paint covered in dust and cobwebs. While the door was white, after touching it her hands were dusty and dirty. The door left a mark in her hands, and her hands left a mark in the door. The moment she enters the old wooden shed with tears in her eye she lays on the wooden floor with only a stack of hay and an old cloth to give her comfort. She closes her eyes to catch the last rest she gets to have as a pure negress.

She begins to dream about the family she once knew, her mom with dark skin, brown eyes, and nappy hair. She saw her father on the block crying as the white men oiled his backside and opened his mouth to check his teeth. She dreamed about her two little brothers who were forced sold separately, kicking and screaming, “Ketsia, please!” As she tries to rescue them she feels the hands of the white man she now calls master grabbing her neck, and squeezing her with all of his might. This white man, a solid six feet tall, weighed about two hundred and twenty pounds and he was angry. While choking the twelve-year-old girl, he yelled, “Negress, you will learn order.” Seeing her brothers dragged on the back of an old chariot with their hands and feet chained away, hearing them helplessly calling her name she sheds one final tear as the air leaves her body, as she faints. The big white man still choking her keeps her standing in place and as he lets her neck go, she falls. As she falls she hears, “Young negress, what’s your name?” She awakes to see an old woman with a black eye, and a swollen lip hovering over her, in haste to wake her up. The woman’s dark skin, but not as dark as her mother’s. The woman’s body was round and she was not tall, but she wasn’t short. When she realized the young girl had completely awakened, she asked again, “Young negress, what’s your name?” The young fearfully girl replied, “Ketsia.”


The woman’s face expressed great sorrow, as she shook her head with tears. The woman said, “my name is Mama Kenya, and you’re young, dark, and beautiful. The masa will take a liken to you, who he likes he hurts.”

Ketsia asked, “why would he like me? I’m just a child.” Mama Kenya replies, “he likes them young and dark, the darker the more he takes a liken. You’d best stay out the Mrs.  way, less you take a liken to her whip.” Ketsia trembles with fear as she looks around the old room, that smells of dried blood and rotten meat. She makes a slow but sudden frown as she looks back at Mama, and says, “I want to go home,” bursting out in tears as she shakes her head in disappointment. Mama Kenya goes to hold Ketsia, as Ketsia tries to push her away. Mama says, “gal, you’d be best to calm yourself, Masa don’t like all that hollering and crying. Baby, I feel your pain but remember it’s not our world.”

Ketsia calms herself down as another woman enters the room, wearing an old purple dress, light skinned, and barefoot. The woman looks at Mama and says, “Mama, the masta wants you to clean this girl up.” “Now Chile, come here and let’s get you presentable, masa loves a clean one,” Said Mama. The other lady walks towards the door with an old purple dress, a pretty smile, and a mole on her cheek. She tells the men outside, “Prepare the water for a boil.” They hear the sound of gallons of water being poured and Ketsia asked, “What are they doing? I hear wata.” Mama replies, “Chile be calm, just the Mandingo’s preparing your bath water.”  As the water began to boil, the smell of burning wood fills the air, as they begin to fill the bin used as a tub with hot, brown swamp water, that smelled worse than the sea. The bin was rusted and looked like it had been used to feed pigs. As Mama begins to tell her to undress, she saw a wolf spider and kills it before Ketsia can notice it. Mama says, “gal get undressed, it’s time for you to wash.” Shy and afraid Ketsia obeys and gets into the water that is only a few shades lighter than herself. Mama begins to scrub her skin as she asks her, “Was you dreaming about your family? as she pushes the sponge back into the warm black water. Ketsia didn’t answer, Mama said, “you kept screaming mama, and papa as you slept, I kno’d the feeling to grow up without a family. Masa made me your Mama but I’m no more your mama than masa is my God, it’s just not the same. Chile fake it, that’s the only way to keep living when you feel dead inside.” Ketsia looks up to Mama Kenya and smiles. Mama smiles back and says, “tonight the masa will require your pleasure, even if you hate every bit of it, babe keep that smile, it will save your life. Masa is a mean man, ice box cold is his heart, stay on his good side or you won’t have a side to stay on. Babe, remember to fake like you’re happy.” Tears rolled down Mama Kenya’s black busted eye as she began to sing, and the smell of death comes out of her mouth as she continues to scrub the backside of Ketsia. Mama pauses and says, “when light Jean comes back, just go.”

Mama finishes cleaning her. As she gets out of the old rusty bin, Mama goes to get her a nice dress and says, “I’ll be right back, chile, don’t worry.” Ketsia looks around and sees a rope. This rope was thick and long, almost like a huge snake. While she looks at the rope Mama comes back in with a blue dress.  Mama comes close to her and says, “this is a tough life, but it’s better than being out there in them fields. Come chile, get dressed.” Ketsia says, “Mama, I really hate blue, it reminds me of my family. Mama said, “I’ll see what else we got.” As Mama goes out, Ketsia runs to the rope, and uses the bin to get it hung high with the wood on the ceiling, and she wrapped it around her neck and jumps. Mama returns to a black pile of water on the floor, with the blue dress nearby. She walks further in to see the naked body of Ketsia hanging from the ceiling. The black body dangling like a Christmas ornament, blood flowing from her neck and dripping from her body. The naked, lifeless body swings from left to right, as Mama realizes that the young girl had broken her neck, seeing her swollen tongue touch her chest. And she screams, “Masa, Masa, Masa.” With tears coming down her eyes, she prays she won’t be held accountable again for the death of another one of Masa’s bed gals.


© Copyright 2018 Elyon Wells. All rights reserved.

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