Crimson Star

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Letting go of false love.

Submitted: December 18, 2017

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Submitted: December 18, 2017



Bound together, they’re minds intertwine

Carried by love, they stand before time

One bears the weight, the other bares their fate

Despite the flow of time, broken by human ties,

One must deal with the crime as the other is set free by such beautiful lies.

Carried by anguish, their hearts intertwine.

Broken by love, one cuts the line.

Farewell, my ignorance. May my heart be carried elsewhere.


Where it may go,

Where that love may go,

May it carry along the memories you dripped in time’s everlasting flow.

May not a day go where sorrow grows on a field where love does not show.

May my heart grow wings and soar across an ocean,

But only if you await on the other side to set these feelings in motion.


Call my name, oh Crimson Star.

Shine bright in that void of darkness, oh beautiful Crimson Star.

Guide me across this ocean and away from this land of false love oh so far.

Call my name, oh Crimson Star.

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