The time to execute your goals is now.

If you have a dream that you want to turn into a reality you will have to dedicate time to it.  Because time wasted is never recovered, you need to make sure that you start with whatever that you want to achieve. Commit yourself to your dream, irrespective of whether you have the resources to execute it or not. Just start.

Once you procrastinate, your dream will be doomed. The more you contemplate doing something, the more you are going to find reasons not to do it, so just start. A lot of people have buried their dreams and talents because they delayed acting on them and ended up becoming demotivated.

There is no way you are going to set your plans in motion if you doubt them, so get rid of doubt.  Doubt simply means that you do not trust yourself enough to execute your goal. Doubt also means that you don’t think your goal is worth even wasting your energy on it.

As the millennial generation we have been given the opportunity to dream big dreams. We have been given the platform to actualize our dreams. Gone are the days whereby in order to earn a living you had to be a policeman, teacher or nurse. Today you have the power to change your life. God has instilled ability in you that is meant to sustain you.  Step up and take charge. Each day comes with the opportunity for us to find what we are passionate about and actually use that to empower ourselves and those around us.  There is no feeling greater than that of finding what you are passionate about and allowing it to help you grow.

When you diagnose your passion, be it writing, singing or sports…It becomes more like a drug that you have to feed on every day. Immediately once that idea comes to your mind you will become addicted to it. Unfortunately, it is when you find your purpose that you are mostly challenged. I would like to believe that everyone has a purpose on earth, even those that are dropouts and those that chose to live the “safe life” of going to school to work as a teacher or nurse.  Go anywhere you want to go, ask whoever that is a mechanic or gardener, they will all tell you that they did not exhaust their potential…They will tell you that had they held on, they would have been far in life.  One of the reasons why people leave their dreams is because of doubt that is why you need to get rid of it.

Get rid of fear, especially fear of the unknown. You should not bother yourself about the finish line of the race when it has not even started yet. The most important thing is you getting started with your race. How long it will take to finish it and how many hurdles you are going to come across during your race do not matter because you are running your own race and you will finish it, one way or another.

You cannot have a clear vision if you are in a congested environment. Therefore, you need to be mindful of your environment.  If anything is disturbing your goals, you need to discard it. You cannot do anything positive and worthwhile without getting rid of “distractions”. The most obvious distraction that you need to get rid of is friends. You will not amount to much if you are surrounded by a troop of friends. For one, most of these friends are the ones that may fill you with doubt. Second, your friends may be used to status quo- the normal way of doing things. Third, friends need time and most of the activities that you will find yourself engaging in, are somewhat a waste of the time that you need to actualize your dreams. Friends, will not get you anywhere that you need to be.


The other factor that plays a role in our lack of self-belief is external negativity. This is negativity coming from people  you are not related to. It usually comes from strangers…People who think just because you are from a small town that you don’t have it in you… People who just look at you and judge you because of your family history and assume because no one in your family has ever started a business, that you can’t…However, people who have amounted to nothing are the ones with the greatest negative opinions. Therefore, you need to be careful whom you share your ideas with and learn to look at the mouth that gives you an opinion about your dreams before even considering it.

Procrastination, lack of patience, doubt, fear and external negativity are like a virus. Once they attack your immune system, that is your purpose- you are as good as dead.

Submitted: December 19, 2017

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