The tragic tale of his most excellent & decorated master defender of the weak and meek Lumus Novus Lux Dominus

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This is a story which im currently working on. It's the first time I attempt to write something like this. Something of a poem written in Iambic pentameter ( or so I try) that maintains its rhyme
and a rhythm which is pleasing to the ear. If I wrote a typo or a grammatical mistake please let me know. There are a questions I can answer and others which I would like the reader to decipher I
wouldn't like to spoil the fun.

Table of Contents

Liber Primus

Athanasius Aegipticus ( 1??? - 1???) a translator & master linguist whose vision of creating a compendium from the very scarce information regarding a certain character of the past,an appointed
Knight who lived many years before his time. The true author of the loose scripts is an anonymous writer whom could have possibly have witnessed the events. Perhaps he gathered information from
those who lived at the time, regardless such source of information is not at all clear. The cavalier chose the name of Lumus as his alias to honor his master Lucius. But the simple & basic
information of when he lived, where he came from, what his real name is or what his ending was is not well known.
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Liber Secundus

  The Tragic Tale of his most excellent  & decorated master defender of the weak & meek Lumus Novus Lux Dominus LIB... Read Chapter

Liber Tertius

Athanasius Aegypticus (the narrator) is but stumped, he is looking through a mountain of parchments trying to find the missing years of Lumus but he is unable to acquire any descriptive
information. The only thing which he finds is a simple paper damaged which holds some decorative narration of what Lumus encountered on his travels. Athanasius does not know what to do with the
information given so he simply describes what he is looking at.
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Liber Quartus

  The tale of his most excellent master defender of the weak & meek Lumus Novus Dominus Liber Quartus The chi... Read Chapter

The visions of Athanasius

After transcribing the writings of Lumus, Athanasius has fallen ill due to the poor conditions in which he placed himself. Now in bed hallucinating with high fevers & chills an unexpected visitor
comes to his aid in order to persuade Athanasius to continue the task he had committed himself to complete. Later he records some of the visions here described in great detail.
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Liber Quintus

After such a busy time of reorganizing myself & my surroundings, I have finally finished the fifth book of my story. It may not be as long as the previous chapters but I hope this may be
informative regarding the setting & the characters personalities. Also, my username being Anonymous1520 is referent to the fact that I do not wish to be known publicly. Regardless, within the
various chapters of my work, I have placed my name, age & my country of origin. It is here written in various places but its well hidden. Thank you for your attention.
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Liber Sextus

This chapter is finally complete I have included a fraction from a play I will like to expand as a separate work once I complete this tale, Im sorry for the delay but is finally complete. Liber
sextus is my most ambitious chapter yet, I am planning to include a fraction from a play in which it will foreshadow events that will happen later on, not to mention that it will also reinforce the
relationship between Diane & Lumus. If I may recommend you, reader, (if it is not too distracting )to play this music as you read the story. I found it fits quite well with the themes & it enhances
the emotional experience. I will leave some marks as of to where to start playing the music & if I'm correct it should end where the next piece of music begins. Mozarts Missa Brevis in C major. FMA
shintetsu lapis philosopharum & lastly Zadok the priest. ( the music can be found on youtube. I do not own any of the musical pieces aforementioned. the video & audio material belongs to their
respective uploader) I will leave marks on the side of where they should be played. Also, I will like to thank the website for allowing me to use the poems of Neztalhualcoyotl, in
its original Nahuatl text & its English translation. (
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Liber Septimus

The chapter is finished, although is not the ending I originally wrote, I believe is an improvement from the first draft. Now I have to create a new epilogue since the one I originally wrote
doesn't suite the chapter's theme anymore. I will use the previous epilogue for the next chapter. Thank you for your attention, enjoy.
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Liber Octavus

  The tragedy of his most excellent & decorated master defender of the weak meek Lumus Novus Dominus Liber Octavus &nb... Read Chapter

Liber Novenus

The tragedy of his most excellent & decorated master defender of the weak meek Lumus Novus Dominus Liber Novenus Truth... Read Chapter

Liber Decimus Part 1

The final book split into two parts. I beg your pardon reader but I implore your discretion to be advised.
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The dreams Juan the stubborn

Juan Antonio Solano de Zaragoza, the son of Pedro Martin Solano de Zaragoza y Guadalajara. After facing the great difficulty of writing the last chapter of the tragedy of Lumus the knight. Juan
explains in detail a dream in which he journeys to a mysterious country. Where he finds the inspiration necessary to achieve this unfulfilled responsibility.
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Liber Decimus Part 2

Fifteen years after the death of Pedro Martin, his son Juan takes the task to complete the story.
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