Chapter 10: Liber Novenus

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The tragedy of his most excellent & decorated

master defender of the weak meek

Lumus Novus Dominus

Liber Novenus

Truth is what liberates us.
Will is what guides us.
Strength is what supports us.
What then is to occur when
Truth binds us,
Will limits us,
Strength fails us.
How can we breach the mind
To endure the lamentations of wisdom.
What path do we follow, when we
Are cursed with knowledge.
What shelter do we seek
When the pillars of our principles.
Crumble & collapse on the receiving earth.
Anon, there is no greater pain than the truth!
May we all find peace in knowledge.




It has been declared that for every rise
To grandeur, so a fall from Stirling skies.
Could this be the curse of Sisyphus? A feat
Which  as punishment must the boulder meet
The bottom of Tantalian valleys.
Thus renewing his labor, a sentence he still carries.
So is the cruelty of our reality.
A condemned mockery we must abide & agree.

A letter arrived at Lord Lumus castle.
Received by his servant & trustworthy vassal
Prothero. Hastily he delivered
It to his master, the boy breathless, shivered
Incessantly in fear, as he bursted
Into the study of his Lord. Concerted
Was Lumus with a scribe, writing his
Biography. ‘Prothero, what is

The reason of thine intrusion? Do tell.’
‘My liege’ said he, ‘ I heard the ringing bell
Of the front gate. A boy carried this letter.
He claimed to be sent from some debtor
From the island of Cyprus. Thus, the motive
Of my impatience.’ Lumus with an emotive
Smile received the letter & bid the scribe
& Prothero away. ‘Thou wert crafty to inscribe,




Thine signature above the seal, dear friend.
Princess of the Canaan, ‘tis you whom didst send
Happy news from years of silence’. He broke
The seal & read; ‘Exalted one, the smoke
Of the ever-burning fire of war,
Hast at last been extinguished, now before
Thine feet lie the spoils which enrich thine Duke.
I must salute this feat by St. Mark, by St. Luke.

 Thine fame echoes through the far reach Arabia.
I have traveled through to Mauritania.
They all speak of thine accomplishments.
Now I will reach New Corinth from subcontinents
In three months time. I too wish to celebrate
With a banquet of three & twenty plates.
I hold gifts in my possession for thine
Wedding, I shall gladly deliver when we dine.

May Lord Lumus Novus Lux Dominus
Name, be forever showered with honors. & Venus
Ever guiding love be present with his future
Wife. May thine son be a mighty ruler
Who inherits his fathers’ wisdom & courage.
For thine morrow & what holds in storage,
Be filled with blessings & great success.
Thine sister & friend thus confess.’




For those three months, Lumus readied
His castle. Many luxurious & varied
Gifts had Lumus settled; from rare perfumes
To delightful jewels in his many rooms.
He adored the girl with whom he had grown.
Therefore, with expensive delights he surrounded
Her. At every movement of her body,
He would praise e’en her walking like nobody.

& the day long-awaited arrived.
By the excitement, Lumus from sleep was deprived.
A modest chariot, with a single horse
Pulled through the green fields on its steady course.
Lumus most graciously received her at his doors.
‘My friend, sister. On my arms my love is yours.
Was thine voyage pleasant? Hither Prothero bring
Water & a sponge that I may wash her feet, string!


Strings! Play us a merry melody with thine harp.
A sweet tune composed in thine honor. Sharp!
Be as sweet as our guest, never as kind.
An impossibility to surpass.’
But that noble princess of Canaan, (Lumus
Addresses only thus) greeted worthy Lumus.
‘Brother on my arms, let me kiss thine cheeks.
I have long awaited our meeting for weeks.




There are no words that can express my joy.
Seeing the old boy become a man. From a toy
To a sword. We were indeed correct
By naming thee knight, let me inspect
Thee for I believe my eyes cheat me.
Aye, there lies no trick thou art & will be
Forevermore my beloved brother.
Thus only, my most dear & none other.’

& Lumus instructed his sister
To the great dining hall where a table glister
With a thousand candles, reflecting
Mirages on the silver dinner set. Directing
Their gaze fruits, pheasants, duck, bread pudding.
Veal, lamb, salmon & cod (recipes I am booking)
Sugar constructions, statues of Marzipan
& many more delicacies which are not written.

& as the meal was partaken, two friends
Of early years, laugh & find joy sans end.
‘Rememberest thou our arrival
To New Corinth? What a test of survival.
Thou almost didst drown in that river.
When thou emerged cold & with a shiver.
I nurse thee back to good health sans any aid.
Oh, every night I remained awake & I prayed.

“Dear God, take not my friend away just yet.
Sans her, how could I live, take my tears, sweat.
But depart me not from my sweet sister.”
‘‘Twas not our only challenge.’ Responded
The princess. ‘Indeed, when we bonded
Was when ye fell & broke thine arm.
 I tended thine wound & by my charm,

Thou brother Lumus was fully healed.
I am amazed, it brought no pain while in field
Thou worked’ As she mentioned those stories.
There was a sudden swift in the air. ‘Memories’
Said Lumus. ‘How painful & difficult days
We endured. We were slaves in many ways.’
‘My lord’ Spoke the princess. ‘Does anyone know.’
‘Nay’ interrupted he ‘ ‘Tis my secret which I stow.

This life, this path I am in debt for life.
With mother, Latin poem of Rome. Now my wife
& I shall forevermore enjoy the fruits
Of my labor. As I started digging for roots.’
A toast I declare, sweet sister raise your chalice.
Purity, sanctity, honor, sans an ounce of malice.
She is mother, the Latin poem of Rome.
‘Tis she who gave us peace & a home.’





The knight rose his cup & her sister evenly
Assumed the pose. But bitterly & unevenly
Refrained from drinking. Placing her chalice aside,
She spoke true words which pierce my hearts side.
‘Brother, what liberty do we celebrate?
I am an outcast in New Corinth, eight
Years ago I escaped my bond, not a soul
Knows my return. Thou brother art my goal.

I live a happy life sans strain, sans bond.
Far from this citadel across a salted pond.
A world filled with avenues of grandeur.
Where a sole slave, beggar or wretched poor
In spirit can find freedom, wealth & salvation.
With thine fame in hand, thou art the incarnation
Of triumph & magnificence. An example
For us simple mortals to attain & sample.

Leave New Corinth, abandon this cage!
The unconquered world is thine vast stage.
Fly free from the chains which refrain thy flight.
Noble bird, strip away the armor sweet knight.
& break free from the words which act as shackles.
‘Tis thine life, guide it as thou please. This saddle
Of responsibilities & moralities,
Impede thy growth, oh the capacities!’

Lumus seemingly unmoved by the speech
Questioned what thoughts inspired such reach
Of words & ideas. What ancient master had
Corrupted his friends frail mind. ‘How sad’
He thought. ‘This child believes the world is fair
& just. Only she knew how we fight for the very air
We breath, there lies no room for the weak.
‘Tis my responsibility still, to defend the meek.’

‘Child how amused thou art with the world.
But thou knowest nothing. All curled
In thy fantasy, marvelling every wonder
Like a new experience. Seeking under
Every unturned stone to find a new bug
To toy with it. Perchance a wet slug.
What makes thee so confident of said wealth?
When people scavenge for food & struggled health.

Lumus laughed at his guest as he took a grape.
Angrily she answered; ‘That fruit, thou ape,
Is a rarity in the far East, I hold a vineyard
With three hundred plants. This petty dinner
Setting, is what my servants dine. Now
‘Tis thee who knowest naught. I can say how
I achieved my fortune. Dare say I, our fortune.
My beloved Calyphas, heir to a mighty reign.




Conqueror & future Lord of North Africa.
From  Carthaginian ports to Aquila
Mounts in the East crossing mighty deserts.
Every man in the land holds him dear in their hearts.
Thus join us brother, come & command
His armies, thou wilt be his right hand!
& rule from Persepolis to Mexico.
Come forth with us, come, grasp, taste & know!
Unifying his armies at the straight
Of Gibraltar, where a thousand freight.

Commerce in the corners of our empire.
In some distant Oriental sea. Light the fire
Of invention brother, aid us in our cause.
& thou wilt be there to dictate laws,
By which we should live a rightful life.
Bring thy love & sure wife.
Leave, leave this unhappy disguised slot.
I can assure thee brother thou will repent not.

We can make ye, greater than a Duke.
I speak truly & sincerely, not by a fluke.
Thou could be Lord of the Nile, guardian of
Jerusalem. Conqueror of Damascus, soldier of
The Mediterranean. Chief of Tunisia.
Marshall of Scythia, monarch of India.
Diaz knight of Valencia or Galicia.




Speak brother my most loyal knight what say ye?’
Lumus armed himself with courage; ‘I see’
Said he. ‘Not for all the realms on earth,
Could I betray my Duke nor mothers worth?
I hold my honor, my truth, my diligence.
There is no word to change my course or sentence.
Thus I have spoken!’ The young princess
Was unimpressed but expectant, nevertheless

She knew of Lumus unbreakable will & strength.
‘I admire thee brother, shall I abide at length.
New Corinth is the perfect place for thee.
Yet, how long will thou live in the shade, free
From the truth, noble knight. How long until,
As thine name prescribes, Lumus will
Not be blinded by the light.
Oh, most honorable & righteous knight.

Thou art mistaken, no savior but their slave.
One whose fate will be an unmarked grave,
Forgotten from history & their hearts.
For the likes of them, thou stands & endure darts
Of some miserable fortune. Ungrateful
Sods, loathsome wretches whom hateful
Rebuttal… If only they knew, thine truth.
Injure thee is not my cause but to sooth

The pride of thine officium. Nay, I can not’
Lumus then rose from his seat & spoke; ‘ I ought
To hear this truth, do not hide what you know.
Speak sister, what is my truth, say it.
The sweet princess stood & approached the lit
Candle figure which majestically appeared
Before her, trembling uncontrollably she feared.

‘Brother, thine knighthood is based on lies.
An elaborated hoax meant to cheat thine eyes.
‘Twas never thine fate to become a knight.
The prophecy clearly stated a child birthright,
Would yield a savior to this city.
We were brought from a land afar, for pity
Sake see beyond the veil, tell me If I deceive ye.’
Lumus laughed, scorning his guest as she


Kneeled before him imploring him
To accept his truth. But Lumus grim
Determination & pride made him deny
Sans a thought nor understand didst he try,
What she had said. ‘Enough! Angrily spoke he.
‘New Corinth is my home, I am their savior, key
To prosperity & peace, I will hear no more.
Our meeting has concluded, this way is the door.

The sweet princess, holding the tears in her eyes
Replied; ‘Ye leave me no choice, that disguise,
Of purity & honesty, whom the person
Thou admires is a mirage, worsen
By their acts. Their perversions mark thee
A bastard, an unnatural being sans creed
Nor right. Therefore, thou can not be a knight.
No savior, no glory, no hero, no light.’

‘More lies! I command thee to leave my house!
Thou wilt not overwhelm me nor by chouse
Wilt thou claim a victory over me’
The sweet princess harshly pleaded; ‘Key
Of peace, Sword of truth, shield of righteousness.
All-knowing being, enlighten us.
What is thine goodly fathers name?
Lumus could not answer the strong dame.

‘I knew it, its semblance, its image.
He lived with me in a small village,
Before my arrival to New Corinth.
But there is no life before New Corinth
I am the mighty Lumus, apprentice
Of Lucius, my blessing, my sentence.
The savior, the slave, the bastard,
The knight… the son…the contrasted.’




Lumus pondered, walking aimlessly the room.
From end to end. Thought upon thought, assumed
He, a realization which shattered his will;
‘Lucius was my father.’ He felt a chill
Followed by a wave of heat. Madness
Took hold of his body, sadness
Fueled his anger & confusion which
Provoked him to rampage the fancy & rich

Table setting. He overturned chairs,
Broke plates, destroyed the table sans cares.
The sweet princess petrified, but with great courage
Picked a fig, in an attempt to encourage
Peace & serenity in his soul.
She approached cautiously, the whole
Fruit would make him calm again. ‘Please Lord,
Relax, eat this fig. Please put away the sword.’

Lumus gently received it & bit it.
In that instant, the once overheated
Head, was cooled & emotion grasped
His heart. He broke in a sea of laments. Asked
He; ‘Why’ All he could say, again & again.
‘This torture, I can not bear. My brain,
Palpitates, my spirit yearns for solace.
Away from this prison, this cursed place.




‘Serenidad hijo de Hernando
Los Diaz se vuelven cortos,
Cuando el invierno esta
Sobre nosotros mortales.
No temas al frio,
Ven y acobijate conmigo.
El manto yo te ofrezco
Junto al calor de mi fuego.’

So were the words the princess whispered
& she upon Lumus a new title administered.
‘Champion & protector of the domain
Of the future king, baaraan bringer of rain.
I beg thee to accept these golden rings,
For thou to place the laurel coronet on our kings
Head. Thus, thou pleads undying loyalty
To the new dynasty of royalty.’

Woe poor knights brittle soul, shattered within.
Away he rides through swamps to Berlin.
Torn by his mother’s greatest truth,
Hidden in secret from his early youth.
Attempting to depart from darkness
Of doubt, sorrow & infinite blackness.
Lumus seeks shelter in a nearby tavern.
To escape his minds eternal cavern.




Drowning the voices of dolorous pain,
With fruity wines & beer made with wet grain.
He knows not what he does, by his own accord,
Never again could he ever be restored.
The code of chivalry he has broken,
Not a word of repentance he has spoken.
Alas! Gracious heavens! Have mercy, please!
Shut not your pearly gates with fiery keys.

But Lumus holds no care for punishment.
yet to my greatest astonishment.
He places a sin upon a mortal sin.
Lumus will fall prey to the sensuous bare skin.
Henceforth, nothing will stop the gallant knight.
He will depart farther & farther from the light.
At this moment a mere question lingers, answer
Thou shall receive on the very last chapter.

Liber Novenus Finis


Submitted: August 29, 2019

© Copyright 2022 anonymous 1520. All rights reserved.


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