Chapter 12: The dreams Juan the stubborn

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The Dreams of Juan the stubborn

Lo! How poor in inspiration was my spirit to write, nay to translate what was given to me.
Forsooth how I prayed incessantly for a sign, how many days didst I not fasted for a sonnet, a verse, a line or a mere thought to captivate the imagination. Thus, setting loose the very wonders those ancient parchments told.
How I in my island of ignorance could ever decipher the Greek, Arabic & Latin verses?
‘Twas the labors of scholars not mine, a mere tanner. I was no more than a hen in a flock of geese.
& Yet, by my father’s will & his Muse’s grace I was able to redeem the shame & dishonor I plagued the memory of my father.
How troubled my mind was before they rescued me from my own abyss.
 Oh, sweet knowledge how I lacked thine dulcet nectar. My very hunger was satisfied by that manna of muses, the true air of nymphs freed me from drowning in my own deception.
Noble lector, I pray to hear my tale, this fantastical story which infused new life to my soul.
A dream within a dream I traveled aimlessly through a dark & uninhabited forest. No animal made a sound, not a breeze of wind disturbed the branches. A still silence reigned over that kingdom.
As I recall in my journey, I came across a clearing where the mouth of a cavern stood before my path. From this cavern, a glow of light emanated within its mysterious depths & cries of agony echoed through those endless chambers. I stood before the entrance perplexed, immovable as an unnatural force held me hostage against my instinct to flee. Peering long into its depths, I was punished for my transgression. Indeed, terrifying visions of unspeakable horrors flashed before my unblinking eyes. Such despicable visions I dare not to write nor attempt to describe. Unable to free myself, my body merely fell backward on my failed escape.
Laying on the damped grass, calming the quaking of my hands, I scarcely heard a snarling. I rose abruptly & once in my feet a leopard, a lion & a she-wolf  (The sins of lust, pride & avarice. The same three entities which disturbed Dante in his Divine Comedy.) impede me to flee.
Said beasts pushed me forth to enter the cavern's mouth, as I within could marvel an endless number of stairs which lead to the gates of an unknown Inferno.
Before I was able to take my first step into the heated rock, a dark figure emerged from the forest behind those beasts & wielding a scythe & a shield chased them away.
Grateful as I was, my fear frustrated my voice to make a sound.
But this being without much veneration nor noble mien, bid me follow. Lost & without a clear path, its way became mine.
The Scythe which he held was stained with blood & white feathers.  While observing my uneasiness, the figure murmured; ‘ Saturn’s weapon is eternally stained with the blood of cupid when he cut his wings. Time is the only cure a poisoned heart is heir to, no other medicine can heal the malady of unrequited love.’
That hooded being then directed me to follow suit & through little commuted paths, we found ourselves walking great distances.
We traveled downhill on a mountainside. the figure was leading me to a beach overlooking the sea far below that precipice.
Dispersing the rising mist which so thick rose, waving his shield he cleared away where a safe step could be taken.
I would be inclined to speak of the white cliffs to be those of Dover. But such a place lies not in our mortal world.
We continued our way down to the sandy beaches into the sea.
 My guide instructed me as to how to perform the impossible; Walk on water. ‘ It’s a simple technique.’ He said ‘merely hold your weight from your feet to the upper body. This way you become lighter than the water.’ Nonsense, absolute surrealism yet simple enough to allow me to achieve the unthinkable.
With relative ease we strolled above the waves which elevated & lowered us to their leisure. I then observed an immovable object at the distance, protruding from the water. A pillar of iron rose to the high heavens above.
As by some invisible set of stairs, the figure began his ascend. Placing his hand on the rod & never letting go, his walk became a spiral climb. He gave me his hand, I too then was able to set a firm foothold on air.
Ascending ever higher & higher, we found ourselves transcending a canopy of white clouds. Where an infinite blue sky surrounded us.
Nothing halting our advance, far below me, I could marvel how the earth curved on its infinite horizon.  Above us, the sky was tinged with dark blue & black. My blessed eyes beheld a scenery no other human being had ever gazed upon, a true celestial realm;
Flaming stars heavenly poised, planets ever turning & comets of ice racing the cosmos.
I contemplated mighty columns of clouds composed of a thousand colors with innumerable stars & planets.
They appeared to be holding the very universal dome.
‘Those are the fingers of the Titan Atlas, punished to hold the universe for all eternity.’
I spoke my guide subtly.
Noble lector, I can assure you, such visions enlightened my being, for I a mere mortal had presence the very creation of God in all their glory.
I can not speak with certainty the number of steps we took, for we climbed a great height.
So far above we were, that when we reached the universal dome. My guide covered my eyes with his cloak. I could have been killed or dumbstruck by a light pouring from that blissful kingdom.
When I opened my eyes, I was astounded by that country of peace & glory.
A marvelous place where the air carries the music of harps & flutes.
A place where rivers of milk  & honey flow quenching the most bitter thirst. Fruits of exceeding whiteness grow from trees of blue & green as flower petals fall as droplets of rain.
A place where the grass is softer than the finest silk.
Truly a place where the spirit is healed from any injury & scar becoming whole again.
I was moved to tears when I felt the warm embrace by a comforting sense of longing.
But my admiration was short-lived, a ferocious dragon appeared before us.
He was the guardian to the entrance to such paradise.
That Draco wore scales of gold & armed with claws of silver its ferocity was legendary.
His breath was cold, as that of a winters breeze.
Two wings the size of a galleons mast each, proudly extended from his back. Their beating cast untameable tempests & hailing winds.
My guide then holding a horn on his right hand,
Made it sound calling his ally.
An archangel, wearing the armour of glass, armed with a flaming sword & a lance forged of lighting. Said being, proceeded to entice the beast, entreating its rage, thus assuring our safe passage.
My guide bid me observe yonder upon a brook under a maple tree, where many lovely dames rested carelessly. One of them played the Cithara masterfully, as her sister accompanied her sister with the aulos. Another held a stylus & a writing tablet. Her counterpart proudly announced some old histories from a scroll. There were two ladies who argued endlessly. One of them had a sword & a mask of sorrow. As for her sister had with her a mask of joy & a shepherd’s crook. A merry daughter danced with her lyre in hands. Meanwhile another sweet lady, aloof admired the horizon with a compass & a globe in her hands.
Among them all, every beauty of that kingdom,  there was a man crowned with an olive wreath tied with blue ribbons.
‘Father!’ I exclaimed, ‘Dost thou dwells with nine muses in heavenly paradise? Hast thou received their blessing? ‘Tis by that olive coronet thou so proudly wear, thou were rewarded in this afterlife by thine works.’
My father holding a chalice upon his hands nodded but his sight seemed disappointed in me.
‘Grateful I am to see thine glory, how unworthy I am to stand before thee. I have dishonored thee. Anon most prestigious father, the task thou instructed me to perform. It can not be done by me, I lack the skill, nay the talent to even compare the beauty of thine verses.  My voice differs greatly from thine.
Petition any other man, a much better able & educated man to continue this tale, that such knight could receive the ending he deserves.
I ask thee, great patriarch, release me from this bond, take this responsibility, this burden & lighten my shoulders strain.’
My father never spoke but yet I knew that my petition had severely displeased him.
‘Father!’ I angrily rose my voice. ‘Canst thou not see? I can not create what thou sacrificed thine life for, I am no Athanasius, dismiss me from my sorrow, I implore thee.’
My father turned to my hooded guided & nodded. He removed his cloak & revealed himself to be Lumus, the young knight from the story.
I was amazed by such discovery I was overwhelmed with excitement but soon I turned to shame, my disobedience had forced my father to fetch me, a guide to liberate me from the silent forest I wandered aimlessly.  
I begged for my father’s forgiveness & before Lumus I swore that I would indeed complete his tale.  
The gentle muses approached me & generously gifted me with a kiss on the forehead each, that I may receive the inspiration to complete my duty.
Now awake from my dreams, & having received the aid I so desperately needed,  I direct my way to write the very final chapter of The tragedy of Lumus the knight.

Submitted: February 01, 2020

© Copyright 2022 anonymous 1520. All rights reserved.


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