Chapter 2: (v.2) Liber Secundus

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The Tragic Tale of his most excellent  & decorated master defender of the weak & meek Lumus Novus Lux Dominus


Unblemished youth hast thine cheek
Been touched by Venus soft caress?
& the kiss of her lips hast thou felt?
When was it, that while taking aim,
Did Cupid shot the unripe heart?
Once wounded by the servant of love
Thine breast is marked.
If thou wert to respond; “Aye, its shaft
Lies embedded in my bosom & with every
Breath I give, blood draws forth,
Turning the pale rib red.
Hence Eve has been born within me.
Perchance Adam found refuge in the temples
Of my soul.” Then my youth this prayer is thine;
Two young lovers whom so dearly hold their
Blissful thoughts.
The joys of life they share, the memory of their first glance.
Upon their visor a merry countenance glows.
Love itself within their hearts hast found a path.
He holds the keys, she shuts the gates.
Did you hear them the cherubs choir sing?
My knight is yet to hear their echoes.
Then I will tell thee, how Lumus
Discovered the amaranth field & sweet honeyed
Fruits of passionate love.


‘Tis a late eve, the clock is past the mark
& yet in Lumus eye there lies a spark.
Curiosity fills his senses, study fuels
His mind, adorning his spirits with jewels
Which are the constellations of July.
Clear is the night, not a cloud in the sky.
When Libra aligns with Gemini & Virgo
Transforming the sphinx into ergo.


As the beast retreats to its mausoleum.
Lumus turns towards his Athenaeum.
­ “Books Overflowing with knowledge.
You guide me through a jungle of foliage,
Which are doubt & ignorance. In safe roads
 I travel with thee & my soul heavy loads,
I rest from the camel’s back before it breaks.
Yet nothing shatters, nothing hurts nor aches.
A mountain that never trembles nor quakes,
The cold breeze is all it takes,

To turn the proud Olympus into gravel.
Therefore in a month’s time I must travel.
Set my course to uncharted land
& train the ever writing hand
In manners of combat. Wield my blade
Proud right & when weakened be afraid
Not, your sister left will come to your aid.
Rewarded thou wilt be with a ring of jade.

No! good hands, a greater treasure awaits,
A caress & gentle kiss. Aye! Three fates
Our collective prayers hear, reveal
What lies hidden for my tender heart dost feel,
The empty solitude & its single voice
Desires with a second one rejoice.
Punish me not but bless me; Alecto,
Megaera, Tisiphone. A tenebris specto.(I observe [from] the darkness)


The furies heard thine imploring prayer.
A raven cawing in the cold air,
Will deliver thee to a muse of fire.
Now turn before she is to retire.
“But soft, a ravens ominous calling.
Alas, what light appears in the night falling.
A seraph of flaming countenance,
Hast landed on this sacred earth. A second glance

I must take & from close distance admire
This rare but radiant orb of fire.”
Lumus departs his study & on the streets
He roams, chasing that golden fleece,
As a child dost chase a firefly.
He follows it with keen eye,
Never losing the path nor pace.
Running in swift haste, he gives a good chase.

With every step he gives, more questions
Rise, overlapping his dreams & suggestions.
He theorises what that being in truth is.
“Quetzalcoatl hast returned? To his
Children, my brethren he once appeared.
Nay, ‘tis not. He was the man of golden beard.
He along his demons brought death & destruction,
To Tenochtitlan & my peoples reduction.

Winged feet & scepter holder mercury.
Wilt thou teach the master surgery?
In thine prompt task, thither rest thine feet.
Then that flame surely is thine torch of Crete.
Messenger of the gods, it must be ye.
Sith long ago did they depart away from thee.
The Greek gods no longer live in men’s heart.
They live in the arts, therefore Mercury thou art not.”

The inquisitive mind fed by thought,
Pondered an explication which lead to naught.
& to this plain apparition of rare force,
At last he stands ere the flammant source.
His eyes believe not what they admire.
The partner of that eternal fire.
A lonely dame, reading the mighty sky,
Meditates fairest hue, fragrant sigh.

What a sight she was to the mortal eye.
This I may reassure & can not lie.
Nor can my author or Lumus deny.
Her beauteous radiance thus I testify;
Divine creature & fair maiden dressed in silk.
Pale angel, whiter than the foam of milk.
Phrygian princess of ancient country.
Priestess & loyal guard of Daphne’s Laurel tree.

The cool breeze dost make her scarlet hair
Sway & the torch ever burning ember flare,
Embellish her rosy cheeks vibrant colour.
How the summer ripe peach contrasts her pallor.
If thou believest my writing dost flatter.
Then her twin obsidian eyes which mirrors
A vast eternity. Their still stars form figures,
Which shape the likeness of old heroes.

If my account was not to be exact.
& fanciest not my words for fact.
Then ween until the heart is pleas’d.
I assest no lies were told, my mind is eas’d.
Hence from the high balcony of that palace,
Lingering by the pale bust of Pallas.
Diane protests to the cardinal winds,
In hope her thoughts the agony unbinds.




“Enclosed within these walls I am always kept.
Depriving me from a world I must accept.
Here, this castle of rock is but my home.
& those gardens where I so freely roam,
Are my country, my just realm of many joys.
What a cheerful life of purity & poise.
I pray do tell Pallas, what more is there
To find, when every need is met  by cheap fare?


Obedience be the coin by which I pay
My father’s wealthy state & day by day,
Approve everything father may ask.
‘Hide the sorrowful tears with a gay mask’.
Hark Pallas to those words, they are mothers
Wise advice. For if they were to be others
Words, never would I toil to satisfy,
The man whom my mother dost glorify.

‘When father bids tee to jump, thou must do
As told. If saith thou must act, ask what is my cue?
& if thou art bid to sing a pretty song.
Rise from thine seat & be brief than long.
Heed child to his demands & rebel not.
Keep encaged any illicit thought.
For of thou wert to raise your voice against,
Thou wilt pay severely for such offence.’

By such rules in front of guests’ father runs thus;
‘Child! Sing me that epitaph of the ancient ones,
The song of the valiant Greek daughters & sons.
Recite in prose Homer’s Iliad.
Then recount Virgil’s Aeneid.
Entertain us by playing Criseyde.
Surmount her lovely countenance in play.
Bid the guests good eve & be dismissed away.’



Have I become a tool of men’s pleasure?
A pretty countenance & grand treasure?
If all men are equal in the gaze of God.
Then the dainty woman must serve him & nod?
There is no justice in the sexes, nor
Can the damsel in need, rebel & sore
Against the captive hand which holds her back.
Aye, she may but her tale remains in the dark.

Anon Pallas, there is more to confess.
Unto you alone Pallas, I express
My ill fortunate fate, I can not digress.
Princess, Dukes, Sultans & Earls arrive
By the dozen to palace doors. They thrive
Within their own nations & from afar
Embarked a great journey to meet me at the altar.
& in sight with husband live underneath the north star.


Every rich bachelor doth present me
With extravagant gifts; ‘for my love, for thee.’
They all address me the same for my name
They know it not. & when their poems recite in vain,
Such voices are blastments to my tender ears.
Unsifted fragments nothing have thou learned in years!
Purblind ungracious varlots, I esteem thee not.
I chide thine folly & wooing for a virgin’s lot.

How I marvel the egrevious travails
To conjure cupid, for that I drink many ales!
Cloy I am with thine accrue galling toils of love.
& yet they render gifts of jewels thereof;
Two hundred rings of gold & silver ore.
Twenty six bracelets of platinum bore,
A Moroccan prince of mix blood.
May the dunes devour thee in sandy flood.



Two hundred necklaces of topaz & jade,
I thank thee, but I prefer thine blade.
To gut thee my sultan of Istanbul.
I only will take one lock shaped like a bull.
A thousand earrings of sapphire & pearl,
From my good friend of Oxford the Earl.
‘Nothing more true than truth’, send my regards
To thine ancestor  Ætheling king of cards.

Two hundred broches of Ivory & coral,
Neatly decorated as in a floral
Display. A modest gift from a Lombard duke.
My disgust from my fancy I shall rebuke,
With a lovely smile which thou art worthy not.
So much sweetness in a fruit is bound to rot.
Lastly thirteen crucifixes of rare quartz.
Prince of Caledonia, love is not to be forced.


I hold no need of princes nor great wealth,
For I posses my youthful looks & health.
When the noble tree dost yield good fruit.
& the travelling bird at my flute
command dost bring ripe cherries.
For I enchant the ear with soft melodies.
Alas how I envy thee birds. Thine wings
Thou spreadest & flight takest, bound art thou not with rings.”

That eve a wounded soul outpoured her sorrow
To a pale bust whom advice, could not borrow.
Oblivious was she of the curious ear,
Carefully studying her every word. Hear
How a concealed Lumus, beneath a maple
Grove composed these lovely verses in graceful
Form. My knight is in love.
Blessed be the eternal heavens above!




“In righteous palace her fixed gaze uplifted.
Inspires many verses by my gifted
Psyche. She makes my core quake; the very core be stirr’d.
Through this greenery she dost resemble a quetzal bird.
Her fiery rays of light ignite the flames bright.
What passion for such beauty rises tonight.
First flower of May, daughter of Thetis.
Nymph forever adorned in bliss.

The umbrae calls thee, I Chiron will guard thine
Veiled countenance & virginal shine.
I Chiron the guardian of thine gate,
Will forever defend thine innocent state”
Enchanted by Diane’s subtle mien,
As was Aeneas before the African queen.
Lumus makes a noise by breaking a branch.
Diane departs after hearing the cranch.


“My lady, hold thine place & wait
A moment to marvel in good fate,
The bread of angels & heavens lost treasure.
My unbound celestial beauty sans measure.”
How the tongue is set loose when the heart
Hast been touched & the eye made purblind. He heard
Not in yonder nimble steps, anon from rear
A bolt of wind winnowing his curls. So near

It had travelled the arrow, the tree halted its flight.
Discovered in the dark is he sans the aid of light.
No longer he may escape nor flee.
What master haunter hast captured thee
My noble knight? For shame Lucius will chide
Thee for importuning a ladies’ pride.
In truth is Diane whom the arrow shot.
& whilst readying her bow, she aims at Lumus spot.



“Scab! Come forth tottering half faced barnacle,
You insignificant particle.
What motive hast brought thine cut & choked
Body to be in darkness cloaked?
Speak knave! Or I will make a unicorn
Of thee by dressing thine forehead with a horn.
How well suited thou wilt display my arrow.
I rarely miss my mark or make an error.”


Now Lumus the trembling pith of tykes.
Fettered by fear & yet afield ere Diane’s strikes.
Fathoms a plan to amend his great crime.
In haste my youth, there is no time!
“ She is a mad jaguar! Beauteous
Is her coating but rampant furious faithful nature,
Beguile the wondering haunter
By transforming into the good daughter.

The skilled warrior must be always in ease.
In order to understand & seize
What weapon befits the him best & render
A good battle, whether be attacker or defender.
The sword or shield are his instruments.
As are the bow, the lance or heavy iron mace.
If this icy dragon is my adversary
& no weapon do I currently carry,

Wit alone will turn her into a muse
Of warm fire. How an untouched & unused
Heart hides underneath the bloody fangs & claws.
If brute force makes her overcome her foes.
I shall plod to mitigate my lazar sin.
Only by holding the fragile white chin,
Will she be still to place the regal coronet.
Then freed will I be of any threat.”




With both hands raised the youth reveals himself,
Humbly addressing the future ruler herself.
“Anon I beseech thee good & wise lady.
Please I implore thee to accept this daisy,
& if my presence much offended.
Receive the xochil & all is mended.
For truth my way I lost in the dark
& when I felt this maples tree bark.

The incandescent torch’s flame blinded
My cosmos, perchance I was reminded
In my lady’s eyes, the rays of the sun.
For the briefest of thoughts I glanced the horizon.
A shine forever turning this empty world,
Into a papyrus of tales neatly furled.
Fourteen seals secure the parchments’ content,
Where a thousand years are but a brief moment.”

“I believe thee not, what art thou a thief?
Or a liar whom through his yellow teeth,
Spits nonsense to charm the errant idiot.
I vanquish thine gift dolt illiterate.
Thine spell repertoire of some dull
Nonsense tests how the brain scant filleth thine skull.
Vaunt me not with chimes nor toils unnecessarily.
Thus turn idly verses into orisons verily.”

“Madam! For St. Peters hark to my report.
Asleep was I in my camp when in short,
A flying shadow overpassed in haste
The fire I started. Thus, I chased
Such fiend believing ‘twas a feathered snake.
Its name I called sans reply, nothing it spake.
‘How can an animal have voice & learn
Human expression? Thine claim I discern.’




Surely art my lady’s thoughts on the matter.
That creature was blessed, a gift from its *pater.  (Father)
The bird bears the gods name in gratitude.
Clasp it, was my intent to teach me fortitude.
& the secret it hides under its wings.
Some say it is the wisest for it knows many things.
A single feather of its petite body,
Its worth gold for knowledge dost embody.”

“Idolater & devil worshipper knave.
Thine feet I should burn for being a slave
Of pagan beliefs. What flew was a raven.
Behold there it is perched with crest shaven
& shorn. Perched upon the bust of Pallas.”
Lumus how lucky art thou ‘twas not a *Gallus! (Rooster)
In fortune an honest mistake & coincidence,
By that ebony creature mere existence.

“Did I confound the glorious quetzal bird,
With an ever-roaming raven? ‘tis but the third
 Mistake I made but today, (The two being
Coming here & being discovered). Now seeing
The beast which in black decorum,
Departs from plutonian shore & damn quorum.
Forevermore transcends the planets core.
Hence retires from tropic zones appareled in ore.

& springs forth on earths opposite poles,
Haunting the superstitious human souls.
Call me a blinded fool when my eyes cheated
My senses dulled, for my depleted
Hopes in thought of reaching what was foretold.
But I encountered bliss when I stumbled
With thee. Pardon my life & I will leave.
Or I can stay & sing a choice I give.”

She lowers her bow at such odd proposal.
“Canst thou sing with a technique that is vocal?”
She asks inn doubt but interested is the dame.
“Tell me before anything what be thine name?”
Lumus vows in praising modus & says;
“I am Cenzontl, Orpheus novus muni. Days
Become night & winters turn ton summer
When I sing old tales from Chaucer to Homer.

But to my lady I have reserved
The finest tale to sing, & is served
Only for the finest emperors, monarchs
& power holders under that sky which arches
Over us simple mortals. I pray to heed,
& if tired sit merely if thou need.
With my companion the ocarina’s tune,
I sing under the batheth beams of full moon.








Cantum Quetzalcoatlum

Mexicanum Maximum Deo
Illustris Magister Rex

“Long ago Tonacatecuitl from nothingness
Was born. The universe didst he create. Witness
Of how light & darkness once wert.
He separated them with his breath to avert,
The chaos which ruled the young universe.
A new cosmopolis of planets didst he nurse.

Long ago Tonacatecuitl bore four children
From his second breath, to aid him fill in
The whole world. They wert Xipetotec the red,
Huitzilopochtli master of war & dead,
The blue. Tezcatlipoca the sombre black.
& Quetzalcoatl the white. The noise maker of clack.

Long ago the black & white gods wert tasked
To kill the monster Cicapctli. They wert asked,
By their father to haunt her in the eternal
Waters of time. Semper in hunger the infernal
Monster lived. Semper thirsty for godly blood.
Wast the demon who ruled a world of flood.

Long ago a godly sacrifice was made.
Tezcatlipoca cut his own foot & paid
With great pain to lure his mortal enemy.
The flesh called upon the beast & incredibly,
The two brothers jumped on her back, fighting
Every mouth on her joints with blows like lightning.

Long ago bestia caedo en tempus mare,
Membrii terram et caelum forma dare.
Four Tlaloc were planted to hold the sky,
Far above the gods crowns to honour the high
Ruling ever god, Tonacatecuitl.
From the highest realm, Tonacatecuitl,
The king god pierces the earths deep bowels.
Sixteen hundred gods forbear. Those who fly as fowls,
Swim in the deepest ocean as mighty sharks
& haunt in the wild on jaguars motted backs.

Long ago the gods met in Teotihuacan,
To create a sun to light the future man.
Four attempts were made before to create
A star of fire. In a trial & error state,
Four attempts were made to create man.
A fifth sun was elevated where it began
& humanity was created of
Corn & clay to the gods adore & love.

Long ago in Tula a king governed.
Quetzalcoatl the just, many things discovered.
To his people great knowledge didst share.
Sacrifice condemned, for the gods not a hare
Was to be killed to adore their honour.
& so the god of the darkest colour.
Revenged against the white god brother.
Tezcatlipoca transformed into other.





Long ago the black was transformed into old
Man. To an aging god promised youth & gold.
A medicine of octli he was given.
By the powerful alcohol, mad was he driven.
Many sins didst he commit in one day,
Things which can not be written nor dare I say.
Sins wert from his graceful state his fall.
He departed away to the cries of his people’s call.

He travelled to the coast in the far East.
Riding a boat of green snakes, the  virtuous priest
Departs in sorrow & great shame, promising
To those present; ‘As the blossoming
Flower returns every spring, so will I!
Thus only for now farewell & goodbye.’
& the Mexica look to the  far East
To see the return of their god & priest”

Cantum Finis


Thus, Cenzontl concluded his precious song.
& having turned right from wrong.
Diane’s bow laid discarded on her side.
With tears on her eyes she at last cried.
“Sweet Cenzontl, my gentle Cenzontl.
Thine music, oh! Noble Cenzontl,
Thine music transports me to distant lands,
Where I will never lay eyes upon, nor touch with hands.

Thou paintest the frame & place it on the walls
Of my minds labyrinths. When the minotaur calls,
It will gaze a place to dream & roam free.
My delicate bird, whom I found on a tree.
Sing me another song I implore thee,
By thine sublime voice thou liberate me.”
“Dawn is upon us & Cenzontl must depart
But fear not, nothing will keep us apart.”


Responded Cenzontl with a breaking voice.
“When dusk sets & night falls, let us rejoice
To meet once more & sing until a new dawn.”
Twenty kisses they exchange as token
Of her gratitude. With a seal left unbroken,
Cenzontl kept that promise intact.
As Lumus was in the day at night didst he act.

As for Diane, her dark English princely nights,
Turned to merry Spanish days filled with lights.
& after every encounter, she always asked;
“Cenzontl, wilt thou return to me tomorrow?” At last
He replied; “I shall forevermore.”
But father time is cruel & Lumus departure tore
Cenzontl in half. Until one early morn’,
The sweet bird left Diane with a “nevermore”.

Liber Secundus Finis

Submitted: July 10, 2018

© Copyright 2022 anonymous 1520. All rights reserved.


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