Chapter 4: Liber Quartus

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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  The tale of his most excellent master
defender of the weak & meek
Lumus Novus Dominus

Liber Quartus

The child of prophecy returneth to New Corinth.
Its orgulous stand & swagger walk,
Renounces his folly & childish looks.
The cyguret that at every enemy move bleached.
Now fearless is he who would nip a tiger’s tit
For milk. Returns thither a man of wax.
Its tainted body marks him heir to a warrior race,
Sculpted in the likeness of king David, the slayer
Of Goliath.
Its arms hold the sturdiness of two oaks.
His eyes are but two-night starry skies.
A panther coat art thine curls.
Lumus decorated beauty, reflection of Narcissus
Bronze sword forged by Adonis youth.
Jaguar warrior & Aquila cavalier.
Ocelotl & Cuahucelotl.
Cuauhtémoc’s descendant.
The feathered snake hast returned.

Two summers & two winters came & went.
When at last one fateful day from Orient
Horizon dusk. two wondering shadows,
Whom my reader & true author knows
As Lucius & Lumus mounted on steeds.
One white one black (prizes of their good deeds.
Named Artagnan & Metzergestein.
The heroes of the past & today pray to Metzergestein.

Arduous were the harsh labours committed,
Having their tasks done & completed.
There’s no lesson left for Lucius to teach.
On cross roads where violet Lilacs grow, each
Take their way to yet unwritten fates.
Good tithings await, therefore fill thine plates.
Now forged the brittle glass into strong brass.
By sword’s blade, he taps young shoulders kneeling on grass.

“The master must leave the student to employ
The skills & teachings taught. Where once there was a boy.
A man hast matured from his toil. Take
Flight young phoenix, thine spark is new, make
Thy glory echo through eternity.
Be the light to bring wisdom & clarity.
Continue forth, New Corinth lies fifteen
Leagues ahead. As I will return to my lady & queen.”

Rising thither still in assurance
Note, Lumus demonstrates his endurance.
“Master, my rock, my will, my voice of reason.
Father with no blood bond, during this season
Of tempest & drought, weariness & hunger.
I swear allegiance to thee by dripping younger
Blood. This blade cuts my hand & this hand,
Forms a fist which I place over my heart, thus I stand.”

Lucius from his garments tears a piece of cloth,
To wrap the flesh wound. In his compassion, he doth
Kiss the youths hand. “Remember whom dost thou
Serve. I am no master of thine but friend.” He doth bow
Before Lumus, then to Artagnan he mounts.
“Next we meet, our swords on the battlefield.” Accounts
From my author marks how from that instance
They would fight together with grand brilliance.

With proud trot, Lumus rides back home. But soft,
Here I would ask what is home? How oft’
We call a hut a place, but home is yet anon.
What of those dessert nomads of Canaan?
Where dost home lie? Why we carry it with us.
Engraved in our minds when we remember thus.
As the turtle & snail, home we carry on our backs.
Alongside our loved ones as wolves in packs.

Home my humble home is of cold stone,
Where ladies sell their love for a silver coin
Cannabis thrives & mice find heated warmth.
My home pales to a grand castle up north.
What a castle I lived, now I dwell in scum.
Where tulips of red & yellow bloom, there lies my home.

Reaching the border into familiar land.
A soldier of the royal guard in grand
Pose, halts Lumus on his route & demands
A reason for him, to cross to king’s lands.
“Foreigner! What hast brought thine business
& sad countenance? Hapless soul of sickness,
Art thou here, leech to suck a golden coin
Off my pouch? Weasel, master artsy purloin.

Away, begone beggar, there’s nothing
Thou may offer other than lice, coming
To the city would mean its fall & demise.
Your stench & dirt would invite vermin & mice.
Wise God alone knows what illness
Thou carriest, poor soul, void of forgiveness.
Come now beggar, I pity thee enough
To end thine agony, I’ll cut thy scruff.”

After Lumus various encounters with death.
The dark Egyptian god of chaos Seth,
Would have taken compassion on my knight.
Whilst seeing his armour pierced & tore from fight.
His sword chipped & dulled. A shield indented
By many blows. A basinet ornamented
With rust & mud. All covered in shame by a cloak
Stained & scented of oak smoke.

“Friend, how time hast injured thine sight.
To view me & not recognize my light.
As a child I carried another’s name.
I have chosen to be called by fame,
Lumus, now Icarus gaze upon my eyes
& tell me if you remember  our old ties.”
The soldier did as instructed, long he stood.
Studying the man’s looks when he understood.

“May lightning strike my skull for confounding
An old friend. Say brother, thou art astounding
The weary partial portion of my brain left intact.
Methought of thee death by heroic act.
& yet here art thou, a man exhausted,
Overburden & weary. Eat cheese, dine bread.
Come, drink with us & replenish the once youthful
Looks. Then meet my she friend to gain profit fruitful.

Lumus unmounts Metzergestein, walking towards
Icarus, his hand upon friend’s shoulder, regards
The invitation. “I can accept water, let the guards
Drink the wine. Cheese & bread I may partake.
As for thine friend her virtues I can not take,
Nor do I accept. Instead embrace me
Brother, thy love is what I accept from thee.”
When two friends meet, a happier sight there can not be.

Once the modest meal was eaten &
Merry laughs of enjoyment shared, Lumus didst not tarry
Long, he took the road ahead. Continue
To New Corinth’s capital before sunrise due.
Alone he travelled not, for Icarus
Insisted to escort him & be his ‘Daedalus.’
Many things they spoke during the ride.
As the night remains, many secrets run & hide.

“Lumus my goodly brother, how many
Seasons have passed since we last met? Twenty?
After our diatribian* days long past,*Scholar
Thou vanished from my presence, I dare say as
If brother Lumus never existed.
What became of thee? Wert thou not enlisted
In the royal guard as I? Speak good friend.
Tell me the missing years for an ear I lend.”

“Many things took place after my childhood
Years. At first, I was taken to enchanted woods,
Where I dwelled with Titania & Obreron.
My good servants I commanded anon;
Mustarseed, cobweb & master peasblossom.
In my stay I slept in a hollow trunk possum.
Nest. Nurtured by their mother Lumus was.
As Romulus & Remus by the good she wolfs cause.

Once ends met I was honoured to be a guest
To Theseus & Hippolyta holy & blessed
Nuptial vows. What a feast of long duration!
Mulberry tarts, Rhubarb pies, chamomile
Scented biscuits of faux roe cantaloupe, ideally
Sweetened with honey. What a banquet.
All served upon a stone of white granite.”

“Sirrah! What a tale! What a grand honour!
I knew fairies made a loud clamour
When discovered. But my brother met the queen
& king in their kingdom well hidden scene.
But now brother, what is the meaning of
Thine explosive laughter? Juno & Jove!
Thou mocks me! For the briefest moment
I believed in thy words, friend! what enjoyment!”

“Friend, let be peace betwixt our company
& turn that frown, savour not the grumpy
& Bitter fruit of unprovoked choleric
Thoughts, for thou art of some good politic
On useless quarrels. Icarus art thou not?
No longer will I jest nor knot
The unweaving truth from fantasy told.
Secrets from thee brother I never hold.

A slave was I, tending every need
Of a rich family, ‘til I was freed.
A rare dream broke the chains of restrictions.
A dream which tailored many predictions.
I then enrolled in  basic academic
Studies. In the simplest Alchemic
Values, I gave away a precious token
To receive & fulfill an old omen.

In this manner my studies increased.
My will & liberty with time decreased.
& under the direction of my master
Lucius Justificus the headmaster,
Instructor of what is true & righteous.
To inherit a much improved world for us.
Heed Icarus, what lies beyond thy gaze.
Far away from New Corinth’s laws & ways.

An unjust globe of grey crimes unpunished
Thrive. A wilderness where man is vanished
From virtuous moral codes. Where brutes roam, free
To exert their wrongful decrees to every creed.
I once laid witness how a man killed
His neighbour for a bowl of oatmeal.” “Filled
With remorse than cereals his guts art.”
“Nay friend, no regret did ever mark his heart.”

Actions as those made me reflect upon”
Of what nature is humanity drawn?
Could I as a defender of grand truth.
Halt the corrupt savage, violent uncouth
Forces of the human spirit? Fair youth,
I am no saviour but expectator whom from sleuth
Reads others as stars, from afar I am brave
yet nigh. How can I stop the violent wave?

The people of New Corinth they await
A golden chromed hero entering through the gate.
Look upon me! I resemble a beggar
More than the probus Scottish Etgar.
I can not be what I am truly not.
Not a single battle have I ever fought.
What do I proof to test my worth?
A dream oh many more after came forth.”

Icarus with good intention to cheer
The low spirits of his friend so dear.
He shares a curious thing which made me think.
My hand his voice writes, here is Icarus;
Methinks Morpheus busily rode upon
The sea of night, giving away the drowsy yawn.

If Lumus been told of his great might.
Then what fool will denounce his light?
Whatever man or woman accuses my knight
Of cowardice or treachery, I will stand to fight.
& defend thine honour. Believe Icarus
Words, the honest words of friendship. Thus
Brother Lumus, pay close care & listen
Attentively, what mother fate with glisten

Teary eyes has in wise storage for me.
I dreamt a dream of rare motion, free
Of lies; A winged being was I & my singing
Was sweet as honey maple bark. Lingering 
High above the sky I flew where no mountain
Peak could ever reach. Where a light fountain
Rained its droplets on earth. My fingertips
Caressed the garments of clouds & my lips

Tasted the freshest air & rainbows drink.
On my left hand I carried a branch ( I think)
Its flowers bloomed a sublime scent, fresh pine needles
& tart gooseberries. My air was filled with tweedles.
I looked upon my right hand & a rare fruit I carried.
I bit it & its flavour was rich, much varied
From any other fruit I ever tasted.
I ate its flesh, nothing was wasted.

It bled a dulcet juice far more pleasant
Than royal marmalade. Now at present
Its flavours linger on my tongue. What golden colour.
What poignant unique marvellous odour
From its yellow flesh. So large ‘twas I clasped it firm
Within my grasp. Then a voice called & didst affirm
My thoughts; ‘Messenger, chosen one whom carriest
The Populii Nicté & from all the fruits the fairest.

The Indian gods bestow its name as mango. Nicté,
Bite the branch & sing us the kay Nicté.
Swallow the petals & ready thy voice
For the mortals below. A last rejoice.’
Then woe me, I dropped that flowered branch below.
Where the clouds cover the earth. When a crow
Cawed, I saw no more that rare flowered branch.
I awoke before the clouds ate me as in an avalanche.

Lumus carefully examined Icarus dream.
Surveying every symbol & possible theme.
“Morpheus navigated the stream
Of night. A northern wind lifted its beam.
& from the tallest mast he shouted; ‘Icarus!
The gods wrote thine fate fortis Taurus**Strong Bull
Heed to the code of chivalry good son.
An emissary of rectitude, true as the sun

Is at thine disposition, to his fairness
comply, to his instructions to selfless.
We will make thee a knight worth of legend.
Greatness awaits, to perfection thou art destined.’
Icarus self worth was fed by such compliments.
Boasting the many merits of his ‘accomplishments’
The soldier displayed his spirit’s true colours.
“Perfection? I have surpassed it by many merits.

I am the wisest, strongest, unreachable
& undisputed champion of these lands. Able
To fend off a Moorish army with a jaw bone.
My immovable will to duty, is firm as stone.
My lineage reaches back to Alexander the great,
Paris & Priam of Old Ilium. Fate,
I never knew thee so well as today.
& history will retell the fairway

Tale of prince Icarus of New Corinth.
I am the Alexandros of New Corinth.
The same way, cousin Paris ruled old Troy.
A finer sovereign makes the man than the boy.
Still, the ancient one made an old say
True; ‘I will only follow & obey,
The king’s power dictated by the fairness
Of his queen.’ Aye, as was Helen’s breathless

Beauty unbound, a fair maiden I have found.
Speak brother, how well does thine crowned
Sister on my lap? Is she not fairground?
Is she not a rare jewel of spellbound
Beauty? She is the Jazmin of Middle East.
Fragrant & poignant. I shall tame that beast,
Women of Arab regions are as wild
As horses, two creatures I have easily beguiled.”

A pox fall upon thee most aborr’d creep!
Watch thine retched tongue, let no ill word seep
Through the broad gap of thine crooked teeth.
Fiend! Villain! Thy lips rot off! Lumus unsheathe
The concealed blade & cut this vulgar’s throats!
What sayest thou my knight? “My words didst bloat
The region of thine brain, to speak the irksome language
Of loos’d fools. There’s much thou needst to learn, vanquish

The remnants of conceit, actions art he unspoken
Vocabulae* of valiant men. As for thine token* Words
Which is the princess of Canaan. My sister,
She is a dolorous & agonizing blister.
‘Tis gone, ‘tis gone. She ran away, nothing
Have I heard of her in years. Not a thing.
Nay, thou deservest better. Hast thou met
Denise? She is quite a dangerous threat.

Her tongue is sharper than thine, brother Icarus.
& her kisses compare to the lips of death. Thus
No other kiss will ever be as sweet as the first.
Brother, I satisfy thine thirst
Of lust. Drink from her cup for Denise is facile,
When compared to my sister whom is difficile.”
What delight outpoured from Icarus grin.
“Introduce me to that angel good kin,

Where does she reside? When will I meet her?
Asked Icarus as his manhood began to stir.
“She is a shy damsel” replied Lumus.
Thou wilt find her in one place on this mundus** World
Asleep in my scabbard, awake her not.”
Sans delay & to be clear on the spot,
He revealed the sheath where Icarus could see
The sword yet undrawn. Then the mighty prince became a pea.

Fearful of such serious threat, the fools errant
Ways to make peace, evoked a transparent
Elaborated explanation to
Calm an offended knight, what to say he knew.
& with breaking voice, caused by a knot
On his throat. He only had a single shot
To make amends. Otherwise his tender neck
Would be cut by the mix blooded Aztec.

“Now friend!” Icarus exclaimed “I jest as
Per exempla of my lordship’s Diaz.
I pray good master Lumus, there’s no need
To raise thine blade named Denise, I read
Thee well my master. I pray my wise Lord.
Dost thou rememberest, how man oft’ record
Friendships?” Lumus relaxed the grip on Denise.
He won’t gut that foolish goose of old Greece.

“Proceed, I know not what ye speak of, friend.”
Reluctantly replied Lumus. “We man offend
In an attempt to injure our kin,
As in a joke to endure the blow & grin.
But to the well educated mannered men.
Such humours seem unpolished remarks. Therefore amen.
For everything is clear & done. Will all be pardoned?
Unless my knights once soft heart hast hardened?”



“Aye, friend all is forgiven” responded
With stern stare, which Icarus soul daunted.
“Is there anyone in my master’s life,
That could possibly be his future wife?”
With such question Icarus diverted
The heat of Lumus vibrant heart. Inverted
Were the scales to favor the soldiers fortune.
For Lumus to dance to Icarus tune.

As we have witnessed my heroes wit.
Aside Lumus dialogues with his spirit.
“If I were to be an errant fool &
Speak of Diane, he surely will be stunned.
To kiss the fair lips of unconquered
Dame, daughter of the Duke. I must concord
My thoughts before I speak. Nay nothing, I
Shall say, my tongue I will hold before this spy.

If he is to know of my relation
To her. It will surely be the causation
Of my demise. Then I will meet the blade
Of the righteous hand whom doth labour & crusade
To punish the knight for breaking the law.
I am a wise wolf, its fangs hide & claw
Reveals not.” Believe when I say that my
Knight was quick in thoughts, to be swift & sly.

“There’s a lady whim I adore in a far
Land, she is my love & life, my shining star.
I dare not reveal her name, never.
& name is too complicated to pronounce”
Saith Lumus proudly. “Wise master, announce
Her beauty & speak true her virtuous name,
Let her reputation not stain such dame.”
Long they argued, at last Lumus revealed,
who held his heart, at last no more he concealed

Whom he spoke; “Her name is Quetzalpetatl.
My beloved princess Quetzalpetatl.
oh! For my lady I would dig through earths crust.
Transverse Pluto’s realm & the planets bust.
Continue forth removing rock & diamond
Alike, until when arriving to the mond
Reddest yolk, where up is down & down be
Up. As one of Venus lightest dove or bee.
Swim in the air. In this manner, sans aid
Of tool or chisel but my bare hand, braid

The molten stone to find earths silent heart.
A ruby of the brightest red in the colour chart.”
Diane, precious Diane, thou didst awake
An everlasting passion on Lumus, take
His pain & receive him with open arms,
For he has endured in life many harms.
Warm that stone cold heart of thine & provide
A shelter to find penance, thy love confide.

“She must be precious, a rare ruby indeed.
Her name sounds the loveliest, her beauty must exceed
Every limit of pleasure to the senses.
With all respect to my sire, thou waxest on expenses
Sans wages. If thou follow ‘the code’.
How long must ye wait to consummate thy bestowed
Loved?” Impatient Icarus everything must make haste.
“In time” Lumus said. “Then I’ll savour its taste.”

Objected Icarus, “Nay good Lord!
Youth only comes once, then we all walk toward
A sure death. Enjoy now or thou wilt repent.
When death darkens thine eyes, assure days were well spent.
Labour aye, labour loves endless travails.
Uncover many lovely faces covered in veils.
I’ve learnt wise things of love
For I too was a student, well precarious thereof,

I’ve triumphed over a doughty amazon.
With sword given by my master’s pawn.
I inscribe on my trophies; ‘Ovid was my master’
Thus I labour & my reward is an aster**Star
Dressed virgin who is mine to enjoy
I am the ever roaming bumblebee, with joy
I fly from unopened bud to blooming flower.
Drinking its pure nectar every hour.

When my lips I press against her invaluable goblet.
I grow upwards as the flowered wall rocket.
A branded heifer with iron heated rod,
Marked above the thigh on the muscle quad.”
Oh! What blabber dost this idiot speaks.
Pardon, your pardon reader for this freak’s
Loathsome speech! I would yield but there is more
Which I can not omit, thus I proceed with my lore.

“Indeed I am the Don Juan of our time.
An ever-enduring stallion in his prime.
But away females of dubious nature, I
Hold no more use of thee. At last my eye,
Hast met the Eve to my Adams apple.
Heed Lumus, I will walk her to the chapel!”
Lumus almost fell from his horse after
Such absurdity was told! “What female,

Could ever tempt the wild ever roaming male
To speak of marriage?” Questioned my loyal knight.
“The unsurpassable one of course, right
Am I not? My good fellow man & friend.
She is a mermaid, king Poseidon’s treasure sans end
Daughter of Oceanus, lord of the seas.
Her voice is as the gentle bays breeze.
I saw her ride in a chariot of Corals,

Yoked by four dolphins of rosé, laurels
Necklaces they wore, fourteen precious gems
As beads entwined. Upon the river Thames,
Her chariot she disposed. There on land,
The very earth kissed her feet & her hand
Was caressed by the forests wind. Cool rain
Droplets gently uncurl her hair in vain
Before they wet it. The sun of summer

Its orb lingers on the sky much longer
To marvel its beauty until the moon
Envious of her counterpart, forces old Helios of June
To complete its course. She is fairer than the word itself.
I swear love would be enamoured of her in self
Doubt. Aphrodite’s jealous rage would be appeased
& content to ponder upon her image, how pleased
Is she to reflect her picture & visage

To lay eyes on my true loves youthful image.
Her skin is whiter than the seafoam
Which bore the birth of loves home.
There’s colour in her cheeks & her lovely hair
She wears a flowered crown. Its tinge is rare.
Those locks seemed golden & carmine, as when
A golden chalice changes tone with wine. Many men

Have attempted to have her but none can
Ever tempt her. But I will, for I have a plan.
I posses advice from a goth of antiquity,
Which shall be proven effective instantly.
& sooner than later I will see her nude.
‘She is a woman, therefore she be woo’d.
She is a woman therefore she be won.’
Wise Chiron, good goth indeed it will be done.”

How amazed was Lumus who heard such heated
Speech. In his mind remained a not well seated
Question; “What is her name, whom do you speak of?”
Icarus sighed & replied; “Artemis is my love.”
Relief overcame Lumus body, but not for long,
A cry in the night chilled his blood. What wrong
Act had been committed? That my good reader
I will explain next book, to learn more I am eager.

Liber Quartus Finis.

Submitted: July 15, 2018

© Copyright 2022 anonymous 1520. All rights reserved.


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