Kids Diary 01 — Night Lesson

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

A story about siblings lost in the forest at the middle of the night looking for their way out and back to their home.

Alex and Sushi believed in the existence of ghost. To discover the "ghost of the forest", they enter the dense forest without an adult at the peak of night. When lost, they get scared and run
through the forest for help. But, the ghost finds them and Alex loses his sister momentarily, later to find her and himself safe at home.

Did the ghost of forest save them? Or they saved themselves?

"Let’s go play in the rain," Alex danced on tip toes. Sushi jumped off the bed and so did their dog Brown. She ran towards the door.

“Stop right there. No one is going out and risk falling sick. Both of you off you go,” Mr. Peter, their dad, pointed their bedroom door. Alex and Sushi made faces exhibiting disappointment and stared at their dad with puppy eyes. Peter narrowed his eyes and looked sternly voicing that he knew their strategy. Alex made a grunting sound and went to his bedroom followed by Sushi. Peter shook his head and walked to the kitchen. Brown followed him in the kitchen.

“Kids! You should have warned me the ordeal I was going to face when the kids were born. We could have saved ourselves from everyday drama,” said to his wife Jazz. Jazz opened the refrigerator, smiled and said, “You always complained about your boring life. So I gave them to keep you entertained. Hope you having fun,” she smirked. Peter stood from his chair and went behind his wife. She dodged and ran towards the couch chased by him.

“Why are they making so much of noise? And they want us to sleep through the sound,” Alex complained. Sushi smiled baring her teeth and walked to the window, “They are having fun. I want fun too. Can we have fun?” Alex walked to the same window and looked outside. It was a full moon night and the surrounding was illuminated with beauty. He turned his vision to the right and stared at the forest in awe. It looked empty, ghostly and scary. Instead of getting fearful Alex found it interesting.

“Sushi, you and I will have fun tonight without dad and mom,” Alex searched his cloth rack and came back to the window with a rope. He and Sushi climbed down from their 1st-floor bedroom using the rope. The vacation home had a large open space, in the back, which connected the road from one side and the other side opened to a forest. Housing was scarce and every house had a decent distance between them. It was past 11.00 pm and thus no one noticed their escape through the window.

They ran towards the forest holding their hands. Alex looked around to check if they were been followed. But no one was visible. They walked through the trees and heard sounds of birds and insects. Probably animals too. Alex had overlooked a small detail. He was not aware if the forest consisted both deadly and wild animals. He got a little scared.

“I am scared, Alex. This doesn't look fun,” exclaimed Sushi holding his brother tightly. Alex cleared his throat and replied, “There is nothing to be scared about. Just hold my hand and you’ll be fine.”

“Why are we here? Are we going to see animals, Alex?”

“Not animals. Something bigger. We are here to see ghost. Lots of them.”

“Are they good? Can we be friends with them?” she asked with excitement.

“I don’t know if they befriend a five year old. But they like brave kids like me.”

Sushi looked up sideways and thought whether she is brave too and but came to conclusion, “I am the scared one.”

“They don’t like the scared one. They eat them,” Alex mocked a tiger to scare Sushi.

Sushi yelled and started crying out loud. “I want home. I want Mom. Mom. Mom.”

“Shwww. Shut up. Don’t shout. I was kidding. Stop crying.”

“I want to go back. I want Mom. Mom. Mom.”

“Later. I’ll take you to mom. Not now.”

“Now. Now. Now. Now. Now.”

“Will you stop that?”

“Take me home, please,” said slowly and gave her puppy-eye and tear-filled look.

“Fine. But you have to promise to not say a word to dad and mom.”

She shook her head in approval. Alex turned back with Sushi and started walking towards their house.

After walking for a while, he realized the surrounding wasn't the same. The trees were more dense, thick and long. He looked everywhere to find any familiar looking object but found none. They were lost in the unknown forest. He halted and looked in every direction hastily in hopes to find a way.

“What happened, Alex?” asked Sushi.

Alex was stunned and had lost his voice. He didn't know what he should do.

“Alex, are you listening?” shouted Sushi after a few attempts of getting his attention.

“Yeah… Yeah.”

Out of nowhere they heard a noise. The noise came from one direction and the next minute it came from other direction. Alex and Sushi hugged each other tightly closing their eyes. After a while, the noise subsided.

“What was that noise?” asked Sushi.

“Some animal,” said Alex quivering.

“What if it is the ghost?”

The noise emerged again and the wind started blowing. This scared both of them. This is what they have seen in movies, how ghost manifest. They started shouting “Mom, Dad” and collapsed on the ground hugging each other tight.

“You are the brave one. The ghost will eat me,” cried Sushi.

“Yes. I am the brave one,” he realized he should not let go, but fight back. Just the way Superheroes do in movies.

“This is the time to show my friends how I defeat a ghost,” holding his fist in air.

Alex took Sushi along and stood up. “Sushi, we have to run back home.”

Sushi agreed and they ran as fast as they could. But the sound followed them too. They changed directions to beat the ghost but it still followed them. After running a few miles, they hid behind a tree in hopes to escape from the ghost. This time the sound came from the other side of the same thick tree. The ghost was behind them, thought Alex. They started running again.

They saw a light ahead of them. Hoping it is their home they ran faster. On reaching the house, they realized it is not their place. It was a small wooden house with a porch. The sound from the ghost propelled them to enter the house.

Without knocking, he entered with Sushi. It was an old fashioned house with nobody present. He checked the other room but found no one. He took Sushi and got settled on the sofa.

“I am cold,” complained Sushi.

He covered her with a blanket which was lying on the same couch. There was no wood in the fireplace hence the room was cold. In no time, Sushi fell asleep but Alex couldn't.

“I will save you, Sushi, and won’t let the shitty ghost have you.”

He kept thinking about the ghost and how it has killed people in the forest. He recollected all the stories he had ever heard of “the ghosts of the jungle.” He grew more scared. But he had to reach home before the ghost catch them. He went to the window and looked outside to find no one. The sound of the ghost had lowered as if the ghost was far away. He decided this was the time to find his way home. He let Sushi sleep and went out to check the directions. He stepped on the porch and looked left and right. He heard a dropping sound and turned left to see a man sitting on a reclining chair panting. He yelled and ran towards the trees inside the forest. He kept running till he could not hear any sound. He cried and ran as fast as he could. He cried because he was scared and he had lost his sister to the ghost.

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Submitted: December 19, 2017

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