Be who you are

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Submitted: December 18, 2017

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Submitted: December 18, 2017



Be who you are

Today was the day! My first day at “The Scarlett Highschool“ and I am very excited ! I hope that I will find new friends soon and to get along with the teachers ! As we arrived I entered the huge building and felt like everybody is watching me! It was like that,everybody looked at me as when I am from another planet ! Yes of course, I am looking different. I am not wearing the trendiest clothes and not the newest,beause they are too expensive and me and my family do not have enough money to buy me these clothes,but I am happy and thankful with the stuff I have. I followed the hallway to the Secretariat to know where i have to go for the first lesson. Our headmistress brang me to my room. As I entered my classroom, the whole class within the teacher looked at me and scanned me from top to bottom ,especially two girls. As they have noticed that I look at them, they started laughing. I felt very bad ! My teacher presented me and the two girls were whispering.

As I sat down on my chair I felt uncomfortable.

Everyone has presented itself to me.

On girl said “Hey my name is Lilly and this is my sister Emma and we don´t like new classmates especially the ones,which are shy and ugly“

I felt very bad and knew that this day is gettin worse!

Now, I knew that the two girls named Lilly and Emma were sister and I have to say that they were lokking perfect,maybe I am jealous.They both have long blond hairs,a perfect figure,no pimples and they were looking very rich. I tried to calm down and I hoped that the bell will ring in a second!

After this first shock , I tried to settle down in the cafeteria,maybe with something delicious to eat or drink. I ordered myself a fresh pressed orange juice and sat down on a free table.While sitting there I noticed many groups of girls and boys,also Lilly and Emma were sourrounded by many teenagers, it seemed like that they are really famous in school. 5 minutes later I heard a really loud and high voice tuned through a speaker

“Hey we just want to let you know that our Pool Party is on Saturday evening and everybody is invented“! It was Emma speaking !

“We cannot wait to see you“!

From this moment I knew I have to go to the Pool Party on Saturday and I have to look flawless...


Tonight was the night Lilly and Emmas Pool Party is going to be great! I was wearing a really tight skirt and a red blouse and some black sneakers. My dad drove me to their house and there were so many people! I found some girls which were also sitting alone on a couch so we started talking,but not long because, Emma came and tooked my arm and carried me with her till we were standing in front of the pool. She said “Jump and we like you“!

I did not think about that much so I jumped straight into the pool.As I appeared i heard everybody laughing and from this minute I just wanted to die. I climed out of the pool and called my dad to pick me up, he was there in less than 10 minutes. In the car I started to tell my parents what has happend and why. My mum started crying ,because she had to go through this hard time too and my dad said that he is going to talk with their parents and too the headmistress ! But I just overthought the situation and said “NO do not do it, just let them talk and go on with their hate I am who I am and I am not going to change myself for others!

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