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Submitted: December 19, 2017

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Submitted: December 19, 2017



The Ball

Every morning I go to school I think about Max , my best friend , I have a crush on him but I am not Alissa . Alissa is a popular girl in our school and she wants to have Max as her boyfriend. I hate her but what can I do I am just his best friend also I am not so tall as Alissa and not as pretty.

Every day Max and me walk to school. He always greets me like „Hey Lizzi“ , Lizzi is short for Elisabeth. While we arrived at school Alissa came over. She had the biggest fake smile in the whole world. After I put all my thinks into my locker, Betty my best friend came over to take me to class.

I am very good at school that is why Alissa often makes fun of me, but I will not throw my future away because of Max.

Every time you go into our schoolyard you can see the posters of our ball. Usually I do not like things like that but when max asks if I want to go there I say YES! Or should I ask him? It seems that on the posters stands „Elisabeth Boyle finally asks him“. Thats horrible!

Lets go on sixth lesson history. My favorite subject in school besides math. After history I went outside and waited till Max got out of school, but he did not come. I saw that he went to Alissas she wanted to drive him home. This broke my heart. I could not belive it .We walked home almost 7 years everyday. On the way home I thought about our ball and I saw Max and Alissa dancing. At this point I run at home. After two minutis I stood before our front door. I walked into my room and saw the beautiful dress that I bought because of the ball next week. I saw th beautiful blue and the lace all over the dress. My eyes began to water. I quickly wiped them away and began to make my homework. And I thought tomorrow is another day. So I packed my bag and looked at my schedule. First lesson math with Max and went to bed.

At the next morning Max and I went to school we both said nothing to each other. We arrived at school and Max made up a sentence. He asks me if I wantedto go with him on the ball next week. My heart was beating so fast and I could just say YES!

The day finally arrived and I made my make up. I was so happy. Max would arrive at 7 o clock and I waled out of teh door and saw Max and Alissa they kissed each other and Max looked at me and said „sorrx Lizzi you are just my best friend“. I ran into my room and cried.

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