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This is really just an attempt to get my feet wet. I'm testing the waters and feeling a little overwhelmed already - I'm just trying to write the equivalent of a twitter post, not a damn book
already. There's a six step process at the top and eight sections to fill out in this step alone!

I apologize. I'll hit submit now and see what lies in wait on the next page...

Submitted: December 19, 2017

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Submitted: December 19, 2017



Finally! I found the beautiful white box that lets me write (only after crafting the most intricate cover I could imagine, of course). I'm sure this all must be common-place for the veteran user; but for me, just trying to figure out how this site works, I feel like this is all too official for what essentially boils down to word vomit.

I guess what really spurred me to google search "where can I practice writing?" and find this site, was the realization that I have been writing stories, and creating worlds in my head that I only know for nearly two decades, and have nothing to show for it. Back in the day -interject old man voice here- I would write simple stories, with lots of pictures (always about my mom, and always in crayon), but I never really matured beyond that as a writer. Even in college I would think up grand tales about treasure hunting and slaying dragons, but my stories would be hollow, the characters would be one-note, and I'd eventually realize my stories were retreading the plots of my favorite movies (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and the Spongebob Movie). I hated writing, because creativity seemed futile.

Yet, I always return to my notebook, with a new idea in my head; though, to be honest, my ideas never feel new. I see a movie or read a book and think: what if this character was thrown into this circumstance? I suppose that's the basis for all fan-fictions, but I aspire to do more, to write a story that other people want to write fan-fiction about. Perhaps it's pride, perhaps it's what's necessary to make me a better writer. I'm really just throwing these thoughts out there while on my lunch break. Well, I have to go now, so I hope this qualifies as a decent first post. And I hope the next few steps to post this are simple!

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