Christmas Time Everyone Come Together

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"Christmas Time Everyone Let's Come Together by Mario William Vitale" STANDS4 LLC, 2017. Web. 19 Dec. 2017. .

Submitted: December 19, 2017

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Submitted: December 19, 2017



"Christmas Time Everyone Let's Come Together by Mario William Vitale" STANDS4 LLC, 2017. Web. 19 Dec. 2017. <>.


battle lines are being drawn in the sand see I got a plan

hold the fort down kicking it with a two bit clown cause I know you want me around

got rap beat music in my head some have a face full with lead knocking them dead

got peeps with blue hats in Jersey City looking quite pretty nothing shitty

these are delicate times yet we settle for ill but faded rhymes

when i was a young G in the hood busting out tracks making sweet history

would have my text with my pager on singing the words to the song

Homeboy got me thinking loose lips sinks ships while i drinking sipping

on the egg nog now that I'm in Brandon Heights looking for a fight

longevity folks want to sit next to me burning a fatty on my saddle

like a baby with its rattle its Christmas time so here come with us

Ho, ho, ho open up your door its Christmas time peeps so open up your door

got a big bag so se what's in it some for the rich some for the poor

Some rap G's are kicking it with a two bit whore yelling out for more

jingle bells Snookie smells the Situation is so brave bat mobile lost its wheel all on Christ-

mas day...

so be brave as I take peace to the streets after all I stand ten feet tall no i'm not a know it all

crafty here after it runs faster blasting out this brave mix master preparing for the great here after..

Conjunction function what's your unction white snow kisses underneath the mistletoe

Eminem's new video gangster in his brave new jeans far from Halloween peeps do scream

Christmas must have missed us cause its closing time coming off down the line everything quite fine

burning Todd Bridges a trance in the frig's we came to resists it in the system reflex

one bun in the oven from your next of kin kissing cousin white snow after glow everybody knows..

Roxannne, Roxanne the lady devastator make you feel hotter then it is in Grenada

cool your beans getting shots from Dairy Queen living in a land of mean

out of every cicumstance we will learn to take part in the dance

spitting fire as the volume gets hotter Sucker M.C. in the place to be


so smile when you see Santa he likes the publicity as he takes his flames to the city

bust up with a mood from Barry White as he takes flight in the night

arm me with harmony as I taste the Champagne with turkey have a merry Christmas

let's come together no matter what the weather bask in the vast expanse of love from heaven up above..

hearts will unfold when you hear my rhyme created by an elegant design everything fine

Mario William Vitale filled with dope rhyme melodies here willing to please love ya fam.


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