Lick of the Flames (Sneak Peek)

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Not full book! I still need to work on a few things here and there, so if you have any questions (story wise), I won't answer them. Anything other than story questions, I will accept, because what
I love the most is making the most out of my work.

Submitted: March 06, 2018

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Submitted: December 19, 2017





The night was freezing. Trees swayed all around the property during the howling winds preceding the storm earlier that night, which had swooped down and spoiled the lands with rich nutrients necessary to survive. The land was still soaked with all of this unfiltered water, which made the plants and dirt more soggy than any other morning.

The wind was still swirling in the warm, damp, summer night, as thousands of insects chirped and communicated. On this property, there was a house, completely drenched, with three people inside, dreaming peacefully.

Two grandparents were snoozing in the master bedroom, sound devoid throughout the room. The couple were sleeping peacefully considered the hardships they’ve had to go through in the past few months.

After the incident that happened with their granddaughter, they could barely even provide a home for her, but there she was, sleeping on an air mattress upon the other side of the house.

She was snuggling up to Sammy, which was a stuffed lemur her parents got for her at a zoo years ago, and it was her only possession left after the incident forced her to leave her parents and join her grandparents, which she hadn’t seen since she was six, just a meer first grader a the time.

Suddenly, there was a rustling about thirty yards from the house, where the start of the woods was. Two hooded figures stepped out from the trees, dressed in black, dirty, torn-up clothes, and had masks over their faces. They snuck over to the house as quietly as they could, to make sure they wouldn’t disturb anyone.

The first of the two figures held up a hand and stopped the second one. The second one, although it was hard to tell, gave him a confused look.

“Go check the back,” he ordered. “I want to have as many entry points as possible.”

The figures split up, and continued their search. The first figure was the first one to get to the door, and slowly turned the knob. He pushed as lightly as he could to see if anyone was up guarding, but he didn’t find anyone. He heard the door make a long, loud, creeeeeaaaaak as he stepped in, and shut the door behind him.

The second figure, however, had worse luck. He checked the back door and found it was locked, and slightly knocked on it. The first figure heard, and came to let him in.

Once inside, they made their way to the master bedroom, and checked inside. Both of the parents were asleep, thanks to luck. The shadows infiltrated the room and made their way over to the closet. The second figure grabbed the gun that was sitting on top of a pile of clothes, and as much ammo as he could carry. The other figure grabbed the wallet and and documents, which were hastily hidden, and not very organised. The figure stuffed the documents into his pockets and turned himself and his partner around, and they left the room.

By now, the men were thirsty beyond being able to ignore. The first figure stepped over to the refrigerator, and saw a couple of bottles of wine. He pulled them out, uncorked them, and handed one to the other man as he said “Cheers.”


The little girl heard laughing from the outside of her room. She thought she heard two males, and decided to check it out. When she got to the kitchen, she found two very drunk men, and saw her grandfather’s gun. She went over to the living room and hid behind the couch. Noticing that her grandfather left the candle going, she opened the pocket in her pajamas and took out a small, bronze key. She stuck it inside of the case on the wall right in front of her, and turned it. The case opened, and revealed a small, blue button.

The girl took a deep breath, and pushed it as hard as she could.


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