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Hi guys this is the first time writing so please give me a lot of constructive criticism. Flamers will laughed at and ignored. An old solder reunion with old alien love.

Submitted: December 20, 2017

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Submitted: December 20, 2017



"Why do you think I am good at diplomacy Sir?" James asked "Did everyone forget about the war that I nearly started? " Captain Brax in front him seems to be asking himself the same question.

"Believe me Lieutenant Dales you are the closest thing we have to a diplomat that we can get our hands at the moments." The Captain sighed "The other properly trained diplomats are too busy focusing on far more serious matters.

"But I am just solder Sir,  I shoot things with my gun I am not even supposed to do anything like diplomacy."James argued he really don't want to be responsible for creating an intergalactic war."I am sure you can find someone that have a better record than me."

"I believe you know the diplomats that the Akisols are sending." The Captain quietly murmured. At that James fully sat up from the slouch he was sitting on before. At that James had to think who Captain Brax is talking about . Only one name flashed crossed through his mind at the moment.

"Ra'la is there isn't she" James whispered, memories of better time threatened to drown him in sorrow and nostalgia. "You think  I can convince her to let her people stand down right?" For the first time in the conversation emotions threatened to break through his well worn polite mask.

Brax just looked at James with something close to pity in his eyes, "I am sorry son but you are the only chance that we can salvage the situation before it turns to war."The high ups agreed so that's why you are here."

James briefly wondered if she still remembered him after all these years. She is the Imperial Akisol Princess and he is just a lowly solder who fought his way up the ranks through sheer skill who is assigned as a security guard for her. They slowly fell in love with each other, they both are kind-hearted people hiding behind a mask.  Ra'la tends to act like a ice queen while James have a tendency to hide his feeling and thoughts behind veneer of politeness.

But the good times can't last, with the worsening political climate between the two countries the two have to separate. Ten years later James still haven't forgotten her or moved on. Brax is still looking him expectantly, looking for his answer. James just quietly nodded with an actually genuine smile on his face.  

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