Your Lifepath

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Your LifePath is thee most important aspect of your time on earth, and for many the process begins before you arrive. In the natural order of the Universe, one must understand one's strengths and
weaknesses before embarking on this grand journey. The tools provided herein are designed to assist the reader in comprehending which is the best path forward with the least amount of resistance.
The LifePath is not necessarily one's career, however it will be the most important first step into the subconscious mind so that one can manifest and reap those rewards that drive us. Trial and
error is the way most humans live not be one of the sheep

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Submitted: December 20, 2017

Please keep in mind that the numbers provided herein are not figments nor fragments of imagination in order to develop a narrative. They are real. Combining them together as proposed is simple,
acceptable mathematics. The significance of each number or corresponding symbol and the attributable meanings or characteristics of each is essential knowledge passed down from one generation to
the next for millenniA. Reading and understanding the following does not require one to become a believer, because it merely is. for the deniers, one must question their motives.
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