Funk Master

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Funk Master

its a historical fact that folks tend to over react about politics getting caught in the mix the system is twisted as if a roller coaster out on a mission but if we just listen come together
gravity gets a hold of me starts planting the seed of love from up above we join hands together we can make a difference in the battle for your mind its the game of the walking blind... yet the
human heart won't beat something it won't its often swayed to obey dirty functions grasping for straws here's the draw the essential to always be presentable the latest trends hands are being
stretched out from east to west as all of life is a big test I confess

we can walk the walk but can we talk the talk blazing fire with its purest of desire pump up the jam don't blame the man that said, "Yes we can" it was all in a plan got juice for my news as I sing
the blues wearing those blue suede shoes Suckers want to front me trying to invent me but they don't know me you see shattered dreams flirting with disease the birds with the bees knock ya to your
knees got music on my stereo telling where to go bust up the beat to promote the new tempo rap is for lovers under the covers as they discover a new found love for each other

love is the rich cement that sticks like glue to your shoes isn't nothing new we choose over time the seed will grow to roots in the trees savor these memories indeed each of us needs love to
survive that you God i'm still alive the flame egnites the flow telling where you needs to go cause living the dream is not the same with some peeps burning the game in the street its a meet to
greet let solitude put you in the mood caught in the groove I'm the funk master prepared for the great here after cleasing to me streets are the key to get folks next to me listening to their
hearts you see

the rhymes I create I sort of navigate but it comes down to fate with that date now is the hour the hour of power make some folks take a nice hot shower to get you in the mood with love from above
chocolates with candle sticks Pepper mint Patty's as sweet as candy not to fancy as Sid love Nancy

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Funk Master

Submitted: December 20, 2017

Funk Master ? its a historical fact that folks tend to over react about politics getting caught in the mix the system is twis... Read Chapter