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Well, there's a lot of uncertainty in life and this is one of 'em for me.

Submitted: December 20, 2017

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Submitted: December 20, 2017



There’s this girl

I’m not quite sure how I feel

I like her but I don’t know how much

I also don’t know if she’s thinking about the same things either

She has a lot characteristics I like and I enjoy her company

She’s kinda dorky and usually needs more sleep I think

She’s also a super hard worker and works herself to the… Bone

(...it’s not really a pun since I’m not a skeleton nor is she, sorry)

She’s also really nice and likes giving me chocolate and cookies and other gifts and I feel kinda guilty about it because I don’t usually give her anything nearly as often as she does for me

She’s also very kind and understanding and open minded which is awesome!!!

It really allows me to talk to her about personal things and things I can’t really talk to others about

She’s also really easy to be myself around and comfy to be in the presence of.

I’m uncertain about how I feel exactly

I don’t know if it’s love or if it could be love but I do really like her and wouldn’t mind getting closer to her than what we are right now

I’d like to get to know her even better

We already have the trusting thing down

I don’t know but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to try

I’m also worried about making things awkward by bringing these kind of things up especially if she hasn’t even had any sort of thoughts about it but the beautiful thing about typing this out is that it’s easier for my to express my feelings and I know that she’ll end up reading this

She even shares the same first name as one of the girls I’ve met in my dreams and have already fallen in love with…

Now I’m just making it obvious for who I’m talking about

At least for the one i am talking about

I hope you feel somewhat the same and if not I hope this doesn’t change anything in a bad way

If it changes nothing then so be it

If it changes anything let it be for the better

Thank you for reading this and for your understanding because…

I really really like you

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