The Midnight Sepulchre.

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I'm in my house doing the washing up when something strange happened. I go to check and end up in the churchyard.

Submitted: December 20, 2017

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Submitted: December 20, 2017



The house I lived in wasn't too far away from the gate of the church, it was about 100 meters; and next to my house was the rectory, directly across from the church.There was a big iron gate at the front of the church and it was locked every evening if nothing was going on inside. On either side of the palm trees were graves. On the right-hand side of the church was a big sepulchre with no door attached to it. In the middle of this sepulchre was a stone coffin. There was a slit in the back wall facing the sea. One had to go down three stone steps to get into the place.

The path down to the church was chalky and not really smooth. At the left hand side of the church there was a fairly high wall around and up to the iron gate. On the right-hand side was a wire meshing fence all the way down and at the back of the church.

Inside the church the altar was on the left as you enter the front door. Right at the back was the bell free. There were two rows of benches for people to sit and enjoy the service.

Our house was a three-storey with a balcony all around it on the second floor. The rectory on the left of us had a balcony on the first floor with fancy work and patters in the wood. Directly opposite us was a shop with a bakery, and it was close to the church. Every month an official meeting is held in our house. After the meeting I'm left to do all the cleaning up.

At the back of the house was the kitchen with the door leading out into the back garden.On eiether side of this door, just about head high, left and right were two windows. Coming through the kitchen door from the garden on the left was a sink, above it was a broad window with blinds. With the time coming to 11:45 pm I was busy washing up when I heard a strange sound just outside the kitchen door. Opening it quickly I was confronted with thick darkness except for the light which made a straight part ahead. Something move again to my right.

Turning to my right around the corner of the house I saw these two eyes staring back at me. I knew it was our cat. Just ahead I saw this slim figure hurrying away.''Wait!'' I shouted. The figure crossed the street and over to the iron gate of the church. On either side of the gate was a rounded beautiful garden. There was a thick green crawling plant on the left of the gate. I followed the figure until it came to the gate, then I didn't see it. I became a bit frightened but not enough to stop me from finding out what's going on.

Arriving at the gate, I went to the left-hand side holding back the green crawling plant with my right-hand and pering down the chalky path leading to the church. Thew figure was there three quartets of the way down the path. In the darkness it was easy to see the white dress it had on. How the heck did it get through the gate? Did it climb over? That's not possible because I would have seen that for I hadn't taken my eyes off it for one minute.

Still keeping my eyes on the figure, it turne right as it came to the steps of the church. Why did it turn right? There's only that big sepulchre and a few smaller graves on that side. I was now deciding what to do. Shall I go in and see what I could find out? Why am I poking my nose into this? What if I get caught by the police for being in a cemetery after hours? All these questions were going through my head; and then I came to a final decision--go over the fence.

The one thing I should have had on me was a searchlight, but there again it could have given me away. The green crawling plant which I had holding with my right hand, I let go. There was a noise of growling coming from down by my feet as a couple of cats ran away. Investigating further, I found a great gap behind the thick green crawling plant.

There was hardly anyone around at this time of night, so I forced my way through the gap and found myself in the churchyard. I went over to my right close to the wire fence and started moving slowly down.

Accidentally, i fell in to a grave that wasn't finished. They hadn't yet reach down to the right depth. I managed to heave myself out covered in dirt. Shaking most of it off, I carried on down close to the fence.In line with the steps of the church, I stiopped, looked at the sepulchre a few meters in front of me, and headed for it. Knowing exactly where the stone coffin was I slipped into the crypt around to the left against the wall. It was pitch black and hardly able to make out if anyone had come in. I crouched up in the corner just on the head of the coffin that was in the middle of the crypt. Suddenly, it hit me, the sepulchre had no door on it. Why did the church leave it like that? There could be no dead person in here. What about the stone coffin?

I was just about to creep and have a closer look, when I heard the movement of someone coming into the crypt. ''Are you there, my love?'' The sound of a voice came from a man. The coffin which I thought was stone, I suddenly see the cover of it opening up, and someone got out in a white garment. ''Yes, my love, I'm here waiting for you.''
''What the hell,'' I said to myself, ''is going on here?'' I stayed still, not giving myself away. The voice of the woman sounded familiar. I've heard it many times before. Oh my God! It's the daughter of the priest from the rectory. And the man? Who was he? He was a well-built person. It was the Police Commissioner who was at the meeting in my house last night. The woman voice said, ''Darling, this way, no one will ever know.''

The End. 


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