My Beautiful Cat

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Submitted: December 20, 2017

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Submitted: December 20, 2017



My Beautiful CAT

First of all, I'm happy that I could find a word file where I can write, still less than two hours remaining, till that full battery be red, and before the heat of the computer affect its parts, and not to lose the hard desk, where happened before. I'm happy, and welcome again.

I don't know if to write in Arabic or in English, but I'm gonna start in Arabic. though my thoughts are in English. Wow I'm still happy with the file, as a new baby.

Here, we learn rules of beauty, kindness, heart, mind, intelligence, love, care, love and beauty, again. Every word has an effect. So, you have to imagine the voice and sound of these words, in a complete silence, with the background of nature, sun, sky, sea, cloud, the blue and white of evert thing, sky in the sky and the sea, wind, its voice, birds, and may you imagine a little cat, kitten, and remember the green space, and remember, when you are in-charge, to bring all these things, these beautiful things, to life, care for good people, and ensure them full protection, emotional protection, raise their hearts and minds, they can make life – everybody’s life - better...
Oh, I'm still writing in English. Anyway, let's start...

Shall I write a story or a play? Scenario or a movie? What's more important, the flow, and continuity.

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