The Walking Dead

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they live among us yet they are not of us I exist as a vapor then am no more long ago let the truth be told they walk among us in solid gold although the years have passed still have every reason
to grasp the meaning of their existence long hanging fangs dripping blood off the side of mouth eyes with spots Blackened death stench of personifications permeate through the fabric of their being
A premivial existence with primordial occurences intact of their civilization heavy breaths of intense structure from within the billows of their habitation alone Dragons beyond beauty and belief
unleashedwith a rainbow in the sky a slight reply vested memories of conclaves to an explosion leading to a doorway of midget trolls the very fabric of clay rolled out as a door mat reiniscent to a
quaint perpetual stance the inner clavity of the expanse of this scene left one puzzled and uneasy

shifting sand in vagrant reminder of the scent of dust loosened among mighty nobel men men of honor to fight for their inner dignity with valor would take their stand against the beast unleashed,
inside a nearby garden with fairy's of heavenly delight with wings of amusement onto the common wealth they reside barren at times but there was an even lower class the walking dead, As they would
drool with spit coming down to the sides of their mouths they were evil Zombie infested maggots in deepened peril beneath the garment of humanity swell in direct portion to the dust that was in the
wind coming into town

After much time the villagers were calm but one night the dead rebeled against them the dragon was loosened from its cage down bellow beneath the gallows exposed fighting continued with a bizarre
twist to this story as a fairy would sit next to a zombie the touch turned to love then the story got better when the court jester wore a feather every where you looked was calamity within the city
yet the dragon held on until one night the nobel king held on through a variation of a song... took one swing chopped off the head of the dragon for it was no more history was made the king was so
very brave as he proclaimed peace to the land then had a plan to put an end to the walking dead faces filled with dread. Rounding them up tide them all together after a sequence of events lit them
all on fire Happilly ever after did they all live together

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The Walking Dead

Submitted: December 20, 2017

The Walking Dead ? they live among us yet they are not of us I exist as a vapor then am no more long ago let the truth be tol... Read Chapter