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In GameVerse, everyone is in a virtual reality dimension. When you enter existence, you are a blank slate, capable of only choosing who you want to be. You first pick your age, gender, name, and
character you design. Life is easy, fun, adventurous. On random, people based on a criteria, are chosen to be admins, or people who gain the ability to control what is around them and more. That
is, until admin Uw0n7L!v3 decides that the only admin allowed is himself.

I will try and update my story every 2 weeks with a new chapter, although I will probably finish and post them early.

Table of Contents

"Enter, New Player"

Submitted: December 20, 2017

Those are the first words I hear. What I don't realize, I was just created. Just *POOF* and there I was. Just a white figure in a bl... Read Chapter

"There is so much for me to learn"

Submitted: December 21, 2017

You might have refer to this chapter a lot. Hell, I may even have to.
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"Where could they be?"

Submitted: January 03, 2018

Please comment on this chapter. I would like to know if you guys like the style of this next chapter, and what I need to change if you don't.
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