The Assassins Apprentice

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Submitted: December 21, 2017

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Submitted: December 21, 2017



The Assassin's Apprentice


It was a dark and stormy night this was when they heard the scream, “ahhhhhhhhh HELP” they woke up to find blood streaming down the floor “mum” they say “NO MORE MUMsays a creepy voice. The kids ran out the front door scared, the they wake up to find one more dead the other two boys make a plan “let's not talk but we will just look for where the sound was coming from” so they look around the corner but the voice says again “I spy with my little eye a dead kid” the kids look at it in aw to see a hidden blade coming at their body one dodges it but sees the others head get chops off. The last child wakes up to see the dad on her bed the dad says “GOOD NIGHT” and kills the last child but says some words “my task is done master”. A creepy shadow appeared out of the near woods saying, “you have done well my apprentice”. The assassin came out of the house wearing a dark navy blue robe covered with blood. “Put your head piece on for cover and clear the area” The dark shadow said. The apprentice throughs a knife at the wood oak tree and catches a mans head “done master” . The cops where to late.


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