Hopes of a Survivor

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This is a poem where I address misdeeds done against me by a former relative of mine when I was 8. Former as in, I have recently disowned her after the repressed memories of the event came to

Submitted: December 21, 2017

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Submitted: December 21, 2017





I hope your crucifix burns

When you grab it in your prayers

May a mark be left seared upon you

A symbol of the unseen scars left in your wake

You wear the symbol of a god but the things you do are unholy




I hope your friendship soured

With the grinning imp at your side

Who spews niceties as sweet as poisoned fruit

The one who made first contact with your adoring follower

Spreading her venom through lips and tongues to corrupt and condemn



I hope you remember

The bitter taste of your sins

The tense embrace as you took your turn

The trust you soiled, the bond you broke, the boy you defiled

The forever felt impact of your soft destruction of your own flesh and blood



I hope your son is safe

I pray he never suffers my fate

May he always just refer to you as Mother

Whereas once that I called you Hero, Goddess, Cousin

Now my mind has opened and I can hardly speak your name, Betrayer



I hope I can hate you

Your cruelty caused compassion

I forget your deeds but not the after effects

I loved twice as hard for each shred of shame you left

Placed on the brink of darkness, I fought to keep others from falling over



I hope I forget again

Not out of fear or pain but peace

I pray that your touch fades from thought

I wish that your taste washes clean from my mouth

I want to not just forget what you have done but that you exist


© Copyright 2018 Alexander Black. All rights reserved.

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