Vampire Hunter

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

April is a snarky vampire hunter desperate to find her parent's killer. Gethin is a powerful vampire lord who refuse to drink blood. Only by working together can they save the world from darkness.
That is if they don't kill each other first. This is some thing new I am working on and hopefully finish. Constructive criticism is welcomed.

For a vampire hunter April was having a relatively common day: travel to new town, destroy the vampires threatening the town and leaving the town before the gratitude of the townspeople annoyed her too much. Her father and mother were vampire hunters and taught April everything she knew about vampire hunting before they were killed by a psychotic vampire lord named Sanguis when she was fourteen years old. For four years she travelled crossed the empire killing vampires and searching for any traces of the vampire lord that murdered her family.  

'Well the night isn't over yet' she mused to  herself as she nonchalantly dodged a massive overhead blow from a massive vampire that seemed to be pure muscle that cracked the earth underneath her feet.

The graveyard she is fighting the vampire  in have seen better days with massive craters and broken tombstones scattered across the normally immaculate lawn. April had already defeated the oversized vampire's underlings without any problems but the leader seemed seem to be on a completely different level from them. The leader suffered from a few scratches from the short sword that she had held in her hands, April on the other hand suffered no such injuries

The two fighters stared at each other uneasily, the vampire's massive war hammer with a steel head and wooden handle whirled around in his hands like a massive whirlwind. April had the nasty impression that a she will be dead women even if she only took a glancing hit from the monstrosity in the vampire hands. She reminded herself to be careful, she was cocky not suicidal damn it, the hammer head is bigger than her entire chest and she really don't want to die without most of her organs.

"You can't beat me midget." The oversized vampire roared. April have to roll her eyes at the clichéd insult  that she heard from most vampires before she destroyed them anyway. "And you fought well for someone who is over compensating for thing with that oversized hammer of yours."April quipped back.

In regard to the insult the vampire attempted to turn April into a pancake with the massive hammer.

April easily danced to the side, he then tried to aim a horizontal swing that would have turned her head into had it hit.

"Stay still you walking blood bank" The vampire finally had enough of April nonchalantly dodging all of his blows like nothing.

"Nope I don't want to" The hunter grinned.

For a brief second April actually thought that the oversized vampire whose name she immediately forgot after he boasted how he will kill her would actually have a heart attack despite the fact that his heart shouldn't even be beating.

The clichéd vampire roared and charged towards the hunter with surprising speed for his size, April rolled towards the side while drawing her sword from her back and slashed open the vampire's back in one smoothed practiced motion. The sudden pain made the berserker vampire stumble and trip and the momentum forced the vampire to roll a few times on the ground then he sat up dazed.

April then took advantage of his condition by swing her sword right at the vampire's face, he manage to block it with the hammer.

The vampire never saw the short sword been rammed through his heart from the April's other hand. The vampire let out a gasp and exploded into a pile of ashes and a gust of a wind scattered it.

"Good job on finishing those idiots" a cool and collected voice rang out behind her. The speaker is a black haired boy her age with cold blue eyes and cocky smirk on his face, dressed a black shirt and jeans.

"So you liked the show huh" April smirked at the other teen. Despite her words she still haven't let her guard down, despite the other teen's casual appearance she can feel that he is a vampire and he is a lot more  stronger than the three idiot that she just destroyed.

"Yes", you are quite strong to handle the vampires like that." The boy admired, "You definitely lived up to your name." At that April drew her sword and short sword again, ready for whatever the vampire is going to throw at her.

"Relax, Miss April" the boy 's eyes gleamed "I am here to ask for your help?"

Submitted: December 21, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Shira1001. All rights reserved.

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