when wolves cry

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a Man walks down a lonely and secluded alley and enganges with a woman of the night.

This story is portrayed in a science fiction method.

Please note that it is not suitable for under 18s.

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Submitted: December 21, 2017

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Submitted: December 21, 2017




Wandering along a dark, misty and winding foot path in the lonely and sad depths of the forest, with only his confidence at his side, he perceives her blue eyes shimmering in the moonlight. Her Kanine-like scent overwhelms the wild fragrance of the mushrooms and musky smell of the wrotten bark.

The moon hovers on the horizon, allowing him to see only her silhouette. His fear takes over and paused him. His heart beats into his throat. Difficult to swollow, he has to take a decision, it's either moving forward or turning back. From childhood he's been a survivor, surviving all odds of rejection and overcoming fear, but this is different. This is more than just life skills been taught by superiors, this is actual life and no one can prepare you for this. He decides to face his fear and moves forward.

The woods are freezing, but his body burns through the cold, one step at a time. Now her scent becomes even more  brutal and chokes him.

After an eternity he approaches her altar, ready to be offered to her primal majesty.Adrenaline and fear combines, flowing through his veins. The hairs on his body replicates the maine on her neck and his soul contemplates whether his body is a safe place to be.

"Is this the end of me" he asks himself, as he stands infront of her. He is afraid, but if feels right, every little thing. He is drawn to her like a moth drawn to a flame.  'How can this be right?" he thinks to himself. "I am human and she is a wolf"

a Small breeze blows past her and lands on him, carrying her scent, arousing him. She immediately notices as she is in her estrous cycle.She turns around and he gets a glimpse of her vagina, it is so perfect, never has he seen such perfection.  He can feel his body shaking as his heart decides to let the majority of his blood supply travel to his penis. His erection itensifies.

Staring at the tent in his pants, the wolf's lust for the stranger's penis grows and makes her ciltoris pulsate casing her knees to go weak. Not before long he takes off his pants and precum drips off his bevained penis. He moves in from behind and penetrates her soaking wet and warm vagina. "Oh my God, it feels good" He cries. He gropes her hairy back and thrush her vagina, going deeper with every penetration. The smell of her vagina fluids is so intense and he becomes even more aggresive. Her clitoris becomes harder and she starts to climax, the feeling of his penishead just intensifies her climax. As she reaches her second climax, he whispers in her ear with a shaken voice "I am gonna cum, I am gonna cum". Now groping her, with a fierce grip, the flood gates open and he cums, gushing into her. The warm milky juice, helps her climax, this time she goes into another world, where her vagina rules her - she howls and falls on the floor. Her vagina is creamed to the brim. He sits down, his penis still hard and his penis heads shines in the moonlight.

Quickly the feeling of dissapears into thin air and his true senses comes back "What the fuck have I done?" He screams. She turns her head, exhausted she looks at him. Her eyes turn red. Her primal instict follows suit. In a foreign voice she yells "You fucked me, and then question it... you will not get away with it."

Still half erect, the man acknowledges the change of behaviour in his mistress eyes and body language. Trying to pull up his pants she attacks him, bit open his torso and let him bleed to death. She sits next to him, victorious, stairing at him while he slowly say goodbye to life on earth.

Seconds before he passes, he sees other devoured bodies next to him. Without a voice and struggling to get anything out, he whispers "I am not the first one it seems, you have done these deeds before, we are victims. Why?" She responds and this time he understands her "You men are the same, you think with your penises and not your head, you did not first look at the situation and asks whether you think it's right? You just assumed. I have babies to feed and you are there meal for the night. Tomorrow, a repeat of today will occur. This is life. So goodbye for now, stranger. Reat i peace" He then closed his eyes and  the forest was at rest.
Afterwards she alarmed her spawn to feast. Sexually pleased and her hunger relieved. She moves back up to the rock and howls at the moon.

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