Good things will transpire

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The change in your life is in your own hand.

Submitted: December 21, 2017

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Submitted: December 21, 2017



Good things will transpire

I'm on the way back from the bottom, rock bottom no evil no angel, but I'm free.
The darkest hours are upon us all at some point in our lives we all come face to face with the devil
our demons. We learn, we inspire, we cry, we break our whole lives go from amazing to bad or from bad to

Its the revolutions of life which allow the even spread of sadness, pain, joy and happiness. It's
the way of god. To make us go through hell, rise from the ashes, hit rock bottom, rebuild, become stronger
and achieve our dream. God wants to see a struggle to see if your worthy.

The key is to make god see your worthy.

To make the man in the sky see you have what it takes and you will take on the world, no matter how hard or out of sight your
goals are you will try your hardest and you will succeed.

There is one thing I ask for every person who reads this that your own dream depends on other people, the revolutions of life depend on other people
being thoughtful, giving back what you have received, helping one another, general acts of kindness. Will make the chemistry of the earth treat you
better and in turn leave other people happy and of course yourself.

There is one thing I have learned on this journey of 18 years, is that the world is really
unfair and sometimes your dealt a poker hand that makes it hard to win but if your careful enough, take chances, wait and be patient your hand of cards will come good.
Maybe not in the first game, the second game, the third game or even the fourth but at some point on this journey your deck of cards will become a winning hand.

This I promise, this I guarantee.

No matter how hard it is bluff your way through, take a risk, come out of your comfort zone and good things will transpire.

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