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its been long since I've last been here sorry bout that guys this time i am going to tell you about a little adventure i had with my office friends though we went there for a whole different reason
but we ended up doing something stupid let's start

it was the month of October we decided to go on our friend's sisters wedding. so we all meet at bus stop and booked our tickets and went inside the bus the only issue was one person was missing he
was late he reached barely at the time when bus was about to leave but somehow we all managed to get aboard the bus it was a ride of 6 long hours and man it was juat too disturbing along the way we
met some people who were also going on the same place we talked with them a little but of course we were buay on our own . by the time we reached our destination our friend came to receive us and
told ua that its gonna take 8 more hours to reach the wedding place we were exhausted and dying because of too much traveling we said what the hell as we are here now we are in your care just take

after that we traveled for about 8 more hours and we reached at our friends house at 6am we were so exhausted that we juat went to sleep first. after having a good nap we all woke up meet everyone
in the house wished the bride and went our for a little exploring as we came out we saw that at backyard there is a huge mountain we decided to climb it without any gears we were like what the hell
ita gonna be a hell off an adventure amd we started climbing it on our first day as we were exhausted we couldn't clmb it properly and left at half it was almost evening so we went to our friends
talked a bit woth his family and othere people who were present there then after some dancing we went to sleep.

next morning we decided to take our bath at nearby waterfall we went there had our bath but it was so damn cold for a sec it literally took my breath away but we beared it and all of us were fresh
again and decided to do our incomplete work. we went to that mountain again and started climbing it at a point we were so scared that we thought let's just go back but one of friend said we came
thia far of we didn't climb it now its juat a waste if you wanna go you guys can I'll cme back after climbing it we said if that so lets just do it. so we climbed again and then the turning point
came 2 of us climbed a part which we couldn't i tried and got stuck but the one who climbed that part helped me and i was same too but the other two were stuck badly one also shouted where the fuck
are you guys going m just too fucking scared help me that was a hillarious moment for us we all forgot that we were scared a moment ago and loughed out brustly after helping each other we managed
to climb that mountain. it was such a joyous moment for us it was like we just conquered the world we were too happy and taking pictures of all the spots we could see from there it was one of the
best things that happened with me in this year i hope something like this will happen again in upcoming years

Submitted: December 21, 2017

© Copyright 2021 shubhanker thapa. All rights reserved.

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