The Awakening: Part 1 of Slayer Chronicles

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Submitted: December 21, 2017

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Submitted: December 21, 2017



One the world was first created, deep beneath it's surface, there was another world. All beings of this world were banished from the original plain. These beings were beings of the sun gods brother Misery. All of these monsters were created of dark magic used to destroy Earth.

As the taking of the world was a failure, they retreated under the Earth, never to be seen again. These creatures were blinded of what was right in front of them, freedom. But after almost a billion years they broke free. The dark lord, Misery, disguised himself as a human and slowly took the Earth.

Destroying the Earth was the first step. But he also locked away the god Amelias, the god of hope and wisdom, the god Rian, the god of dreams and joy. After locking them all away, he left to fight his brother.

After centuries of fighting, the sun god was destroyed and the sun, with all the light, was gone. All of them never to be seen again. Marrying the demi god, Tyur, he went back to the Earth and madde a castle, where Tyur gave birth to a small demi god, named Raven and her twin sister Fyur. Our story starts with the escaping of Raven from the castle.

So read on and find out the rest of this legendary tale.


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