Who Says You Can't Have a Relationship With Your phone?

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Who says you cant have relationship with your phone? who can possibly think that we cant? i mean just look at the similarities....

Submitted: December 21, 2017

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Submitted: December 21, 2017



It lights up when it sees me, And returns to darkness when I’m gone

It’s always at my side wherever I go, And when I lose it, my heart beats faster and my blood rushes, until I see it again.

When it calls me I’m there, picking up the phone in a second. When it doesn’t call me I stare at it impatiently waiting for it to call my name… I mean ring.

We even have arguments. We argue about how it always is correcting me on auto correct. We argue about how it always takes so long for everything to load, in its slow head.

The perks are that it is always calm. I lose my temper all the time around it, but it remains the same. And it even lets me pick out its clothes when we go shopping… for a new case.

When it gets wet or dirty I practically have a heart-attack, and rice is the only food I need to cook it, and it could be raw!

But then, like all young relationships, it comes to an end. I find a newer, better looking model. So its bye bye old phone and hello new relationship!

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