Free Hope

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Submitted: December 21, 2017

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Submitted: December 21, 2017



Free Hope

A Short Story by P James E



The moon covered up the sun and blinded the Earth from its' light. This was a time of peace. Night was a time for people to free themselves from all of the pain of the day. All they had to do was fall asleep and for just a moment, and all the anger would be gone, all of the pain and suffering.

Many people would know this feeeling if they had ever suffered the loss of a loved one. To lose a family member or pet is something that creates bigger pain then having a job, breaking a leg, anything.

And Jax new this feeling, for just yesterday he had witnissed the murder of his father. Now maybe I would be wrong by saying falling asleep would free you of all your pain, but it will certainly free you of some of it. If it hadn't been for dreams we would probably be free of this pain for just a moment. 

I have nothing against dreams, for they show the bright side of everything. But they also show the dark side. And dreaming about the dark side of it is like actually seeing the dark side.

Back to Jax.

As we all know this child just witnissed the death of his father. He is only five years old. He does not understand what death is. His mother says he is in a better place. He is, but Jax still believes he is alive. Jax does not understand that he will not see his father for the rest of his life.

His mother does, but in fear of him knowing what actually happened to his dad she will not tell him.

"Mom, where has daddy gone?" Jax asked his mom one day.

The question brought tears to her eyes. She did not answer at first, but Jax asked again, this time adding, what are you so sad about, at the end of it.

"Daddy has gone to a better place." His mother said.

"But didn't he say that he would not find any where better than here." Jax responded with a smile.

And at that moment she had just a small thought about telling the truth, but the same fear of the outcome of telling him came back and she refused. Certainly, the death of the father had shattered her. But the son could never feel pain as long as he was blinded by his mothers blind fold that she had been using to cover his eyes of the truth.

Many elders don't tell the truth because of the same fear, that their bleoved child will be tormented and scared of the thought of never seeing them again. And putting the blind fold on the children to cover there eyes of the what had really happened, does take a step forward, but a step in the wrong direction. Though many may not think the same, you should consider this. 

I know how it feels, to suffer the loss of a loved one. And I know that the blindfold is not the answer to the childs questionns, the truth is.

As the years passed, Jax still believed that his father was somewhere else, still alive. His mother moved away from everything that could reveal the truth. Until one day Jax came to his mom in tears at thirteen years old.

"Mom, I want to know. where is dad. He has not come back to visit in eight years. Is he dead or did you and him leave eachother." Jax asked.

His mom wiped the tears from his eyes. And looked at him with a sad look. She stared for a while until she finnaly took a breath.

" Your father is dead and has been for eight years," His mother admitted. 

As tears rained from Jax's eyes, his mother grabbed him and hugged him. As he faced the truth he also had freed the pain of not knowing the truth. 

But take this as advice for all of those trying to shield their childrens eyes. The blindfold is a weapon that will cause more pain then you want to inflict on your child. I do not mean this as a message insulting death, I mean this as a message that will help with this pain.

As my loved one died, I live a life happy that even though I lost someone, I know where they are and that they are living happier lives.

© Copyright 2018 James Rowley. All rights reserved.

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