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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

It's a story about a girl, who got into a book, and have to uncover the truth behind Salem witch trial in order to get back to the real world.




Australia 2017

Of course I don't believe in the supernatural, I was only about to write a thesis about it because I was curious. So I went to  the library  with a pack of people who just sleep. I put down my bag on a chair next to a bottle eyed girl who looked likes she hadn't been home for days then I looked around to find the supernatural, sci-fi, and religious sections of the library, I spotted a very dark row in the second floor next to the religion section. I went up to the second floor to see what it was, and i saw a book about demonic possession and I took it, as i did  another book fell out. The fallen  book was so old as if it could tear apart at any moment. So I picked it up and looked at the cover and the title was Salem.The Town of Salem? The witch trials that killed so many people? That’s interesting. So i opened up the book and at the first page, there was a passage that read:

You’re in for eternity and with only a righteous stroke wou will return


I opened the next page and it said 1st chapter, as i kept on turning the page, the book glowed and I was sucked into the book.


Salem, February 1680

I woke up in the middle of a crowd. they all wore old black American clothes and they looked so angry while chanting “burn,burn,burn”, I looked up and saw a girl who tied to a log surrounded by wood.

“ I hereby state that this woman is indeed a witch” said a man beside her. He took his torch and put it into the pile of wood as the fire lit up,  and her scream grew louder.  She was burnt to death and people were cheering.

‘Burn witch burn”

I walked away from the crowd, hoping they couldn’t see me. If they just burned a normal girl, imagine if they saw me with jeans and t shirt. I could get killed on site. As I walked away from the crowd,  a man almost bumped into me so I stopped, while the man just walked past through me.

I was shocked and confused, where was i? when was i? Was i dead?

I soon realized i was invisible, nobody had noticed me yet.

If people can’t see me, that’s a good thing right? Now, if I wanted to go home,I thought, there must be something i have to do. So while I paced back and forth  thinking, I just realized I had a book in my hands all along. Yes, this book must have a clue. I opened the book again.


Chapter one, Salem. Population of lots of people, bla bla bla boring, as I kept on changing the pages, i stopped at a page which was rather odd. Rather than giving a data this page looked more like a diary.

Trial 1.

A ‘witch’ got burnt today, another innocent soul has gone away. And I saw a girl wearing a wardrobe that I never saw before. It looks almost like a man’s clothes. She looked around confuse, and then she ran away, while she ran, she went through a man. It shocked me, and I am sure she is the one from the prophecy, so as she read the book, I approached to her.


I put away the book, Somebody pulled me to the side, a guy. His skin was white, with a black hair and a short beard. His appearance is like someone who never went on a gym but not too fat or skinny. He held my shoulder and looked at me intensely.

“Youuu, where are you from?” asked the guy

As I read back to the book and it said the same thing. So I figured I was in the world of Salem.

“Tell me where are you from? No when are you from? And where did you get that book?”asked the guy

I replied “ are you the author of this book?”

“ Tell me, when are you from first, then I’ll answer your question” the guy continued

“I’m from Australia 2017 Now are you the author”

“Holy grace, you are the girl.” said the man while he stepped back looking unbelieving.

“Come with me, hurry”

He pulled my hand once again and brought me to his home.

When we arrived I asked ”how do you know me?”

“The prophecy, it came true, which means this town is doomed,” as he looked very worried

“ hmmm, excuse me? You’re not helping right now, why am I here again? And how do you know me?”

“ my name is James, James Russel and I can see the future. It runs in my family from generation to generation, and you! Your story has been told from my great grandmother. That you will come to save the city, youu , you are the answer!”


“Okay, i’m Anna and I want to go home. Do you know how?”

“You can go back home, only when you saved the town. That’s what I heard from the prophecy”

“Save the town? Is there anything that I could do really? If you said save then i assume this is about the witch trial which has killed a lot of innocent souls?”

He nodded

“ Then I couldn’t help you. Because there were no witches to begin with, well that’s what I heard from the history. You guys are only scared of nothing to be exact”

“You haven’t seen it, have you? The rituals, demons?” asked James

“Well those demons are just science that hasn’t been found yet”

“Well you will see tomorrow and if you want to go home. I suggest, you keep an open mind, whether you believe in ghosts or not” said James as he went back to his room

Well, he wasn’t wrong, if I wanted to go home i needed to investigate fast but where should i begin? I remembered the book. If the diary of this book was truly is James’s diary, we could change the future.I started reading it again.


Trial 1:

A girl is accused of being a witch because she got possessed by a demon and also killed her mother.


I assume this trial wouldn’t happen until tomorrow morning, so I needed to do my investigation fast. My plan was to go outside because to find suspicious people on the street and follow them like a stalker,  but when I was strolling the street I didn’t meet anybody Not a single person was on the street. Instead I heard a scream from the house, I ran into the house, and what I saw was a woman lying dead in front of a man wearing a black robe. The robe was so big that I couldn’t recognize the face,  he drew a pentagon on the floor next to her body, and then he walked to the other room, and found a scared girl who looked about 9 years old hiding under a blanket on her bed, he walked to her, pulled the blanket off her and he closed her mouth with his hand and looked at her intensely. He snapped his fingers and she fell back to sleep.

“You are now bewitched, you are the one who killed your mother, you may not speak to others unless is about you who killed your mother. When you wake up you will see a half goat half human with big horns that follows you everywhere.”


He put the girl back to her bed,

“ You may wake up when the sun rises”

I needed to tell james right away. As I tried to run out, the floor creaked as I went. The man looked at me, with confusion, he walked towards me very slowly as he almost reached me, I ran out as fast I could out of the house


I ran to get my book in james’s room and i opened it


Trial 2

The mayor is in jail now because of the suspicious book that was found by Anna. But because he’s the mayor, he corrupted the judge.Maybe the book is not good enough as evidence.


Trial 3


I flipped to other pages, but there was nothing more. Was James going to be dead?????



i went down the stairs and looked at james and he looked at me. those eyes gave me motivation to save him from his death.

“Where are you going?” asked James

“ going to investigate, I’ll bring you all the evidence you need”


“Yes, that’s why i need to finish this as fast as possible”

“I’m coming with you”

“No you’re not, I’m not letting you die”

“So how can you prove his wrongdoing without me? Nobody can see you……. Well almost”

“But I need to go, before we lose the lead”

“Okay fine,I will gather people, make sure you find the evidence in 3 hours, I will be there within 3 hours. Promise me you’ll be safe”

“ I promise”

So I went to the mayor’s place. The house was a 2 floor house. I walked in the house very carefully. I investigated the first floor,but nothing looked suspicious. I went up to the 2nd floor but still found nothing. I went back to the first floor and looked again. After a long search, finally my eyes found a trapdoor set into the floor. So I opened it , and there were a stairs that led down and there were a strong smell of  incense, so I walked down there and saw, an altar with a book about Demon. There were also people’s name on the wall with the times of their death, and when I walk backed 4 steps, they were arranged in the pattern of a star. So this man is a Serial Killer.

“I knew it you’d be here”

I looked back, and it was the mayor

“ Yes I can see you, and yes I am the witch”

“There are no such things as witches or demons, you are just a serial Killer”

“People called me a serial killer, witch or just crazy, well they are not wrong, you know my god uses me to do the job and they promise me power and wealth if I killed more people and I enjoy them. Why? Because killing is an art, the art of not getting caught, you saw it yourself back then, that was beautiful wasn’t it?

“You’re insane”

“I agree, now what will happen if I killed you, by looking at you I believe you are not a ghost, so I think you’re another one who came from the future?”


“Yes you are not the only one, I am the one who cursed that book, to make killing be more interesting, and to make people believes in demon, I called them from the future, and killed them or sent them back as a demon servants, You know we are growing weak as time passes, so I cursed james’s diary that i stole from his house to gather more people from the future. So what will it be, will you be ours or die? You know i can just send you back with that pen”

I Looked at the altar and saw a pen with a black fur in the back of it. “So what is your decision dear?” asked the mayor

“ over my dead body” I replied

“As you wish” then he picked up a knife and tried to get close to me


He stopped as clamber of footsteps sounded from overhead.

“Here’s the witch, “ said james as he dropped down through the trapdoor with the Investigator and some people.

“ mayor? What is this? Are these the people who died, a star and a book of demon?” Asked the investigator

“WIIIIITCH KIILLLL HIM” yelled the people who came together with the Investigator.

“Mr Russel could you please tie The mayor’s hands?” asked the investigator

“I would love too”

However, as he tried to tie the mayor, the mayor swung his knife and it landed in james’s stomach. People got wild, they dragged the mayor and left me and james in the room.

“James please stay with me”

“You can go home now, thank you, may we meet next time” not long after that he took his last breath

I cried like a waterfall. And then I took the pen and wrote


Trial 3

Salem safe, the witch trial is finished, and it took my good friend life.


-the end-



Australia 2017

I woke up in the library, in the same aisle that i found that book, i took the book and ran downstairs and I brought it to the counter to “borrow” it. As I went back to my desk to get my bag, I tripped over a chair and the book fell on the ground. As i helped myself up and as i tried to picked up the book, a guy picked it up for me

“are you okay?” asked the guy.

“Yes I’m fine”

I took the book and looked at him. …… he was James or someone looked so much alike. “Make sure to burn it until nothing’s left of this book” said the guy as he walked towards the door and outside. I was shocked, I ran outside to find him but he was already gone.




Submitted: December 22, 2017

© Copyright 2021 heppiwoofer14. All rights reserved.

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